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Five banks, a newspaper, a hospital, master gardeners and lots of vendors are ready to present the Home, Health & Garden show on Saturday, Feb. 24 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Pioneer Pavilion at North Arkansas College’s main campus.

“If you’re dreaming about that Spring project, this is the show for you,” said Donna Braymer, Harrison Daily Times.

“We are still in the process of setting up times slots for demonstrations each hour with a stage and seating available for guests to learn a variety of information. Some of the subjects we have secured include, gardening tips, exercise information, how to tile a backsplash, and which insulation is needed for your home and more.”

Admission will be $2 for adults, children free.

The Harrison Daily Times has partnered with the Home Builders Association and local banks to help raise $2,000 for the scholarships they give to students in the building trades.

The North Arkansas College construction technology students will have the “tiny home” they are currently building on display in the parking lot.

North Arkansas Regional Medical Center will be a vendor to offer free health assessments.

“It’s our goal to have lots potential ideas for home owners to consider with everything from a new lawn tractor, new tile or carpet, kitchen cabinets to landscaping ideas. Plus things to keep a family healthy and vendors to make life easier,” Braymer said. “Or maybe the time is right for a family to purchase a new home.”

For more information contact Donna Braymer by email at donnab@harrisondaily.com or call (870) 743-0605.

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