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‘White Man March’ planned in March

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Posted: Sunday, February 16, 2014 5:21 pm

A White Nationalists’ Internet website says a White Man March is scheduled in Harrison in mid-March in conjunction with similar marches across the United States and in other countries as well.

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  • lightYears posted at 1:46 pm on Sat, Feb 22, 2014.

    lightYears Posts: 935

    nob..Sorry you're frustrated..But, who put you in charge of policing stupid people and policies? I did no insinuating but you did plenty of assuming. And is far as the sign goes, my stand has always been leave it alone, it's legal.
    I really don't have the time to debate with you : Which came first, the chicken or the egg.... And personally, I think we should be dedicating our resources to pointing out the dangers of passing this new 1% tax without a Sunset clause. The council thinks it's to late to insert one. So my stand is, If it doesn't have a sunset clause... Vote NO. Or better yet call your counsel member and ask that the election be called off. We have voted NO against this same tax 2 or 3 times before and the very fact that there has been a "Hurry Up, times running out " factor inserted, spells W A R N I N G. There is a better deal to be had by waiting.. But meanwhile, vote no.

  • NOYBNOYB posted at 3:54 pm on Thu, Feb 20, 2014.

    NOYBNOYB Posts: 1757

    Not a single response to a single issue.A liberal trait...

    YOU brought up the issue of intelligence.Insinuating you are more intelligent/ educated than those who agree with,or,at least believe the sign is within constitutional boundaries.
    Verifiable truths are not repeated rhetoric.Until you can accept the TRUTH,your arguments ARE mindless nonsense.And denying the truth is "stupid,ignorant,etc."

    Everything IS okay.Inability to "fix stupid" does get frustrating,though...

    A couple of suggestions...Sentence structure...Punctuation...And,ease up on the wine...

  • lightYears posted at 8:42 pm on Wed, Feb 19, 2014.

    lightYears Posts: 935

    noyb..noyb.. read what you're writing.. You're ranting / talking about yourself : repeated rhetoric / mindless nonsense.. I'm not trying to put you down, but people with 133 IQ don't go around telling everyone that doesn't agree with them...That they are stupid, ignorant, etc.
    Apparently that sign affected some triple digit folks too. didn't mean to make you feel inferior. Come on get a grip...everything will be ok.

  • NOYBNOYB posted at 10:20 am on Wed, Feb 19, 2014.

    NOYBNOYB Posts: 1757

    Like I said...What an idiot!

    Your 'arguments' are rhetoric, imagination,or just mindless nonsense.
    ( Some of the dumbest $#!+ you've ever posted...And that's saying something.)

    Should YOU be blamed for anything a bi/gay person did 100 years ago?Or,be responsible for what some bi/gay thinks,or said 10 years ago?

    If you believe so strongly in what you're SAYING,turn your "rental properties" over to some black families.You want to visit your 'beliefs' on everyone else.Take some guilt and retribution for yourself.

    The controversy IS because of the 'task force',stupid... Using your example...The 'task force' was organized 8 years prior to the "yellow sign". Periodically,since then they crawl out into the light to regurgitate their politically correct version of something they've never personally experienced...JUST LIKE YOU!Only because the hags with nothing to do,want to be in the spotlight,and don't have the sense to leave well enough alone...
    The "Grand Dragon" doesn't have to do anything for publicity YOU say they're after,when he/they have fools like the mayor,you and the 'task force'...

    The CITY'S "task force" is acting (instigating) on a PRESUMED 'threat',and in my opinion,opening the city up for litigation,should violence arise...

    Every time you type 'KKK',klan,racial unrest,or whatever,you attract the very undesirable attention you, and the "task force" are supposedly trying to counter.Just too stupid to realize it?Or,is it some intentional,perverse,motive?

    "And NOW you want to give it a rest ?"
    WRONG... I've been saying 'give it a rest' ever since I joined the Army,and lived with 'minorities'. There were REAL problems then...

    And,for what it's worth,I'll compare my IQ [133] /education with yours anytime...Dillhole...

  • lightYears posted at 12:05 am on Tue, Feb 18, 2014.

    lightYears Posts: 935

    DILL, Thanks for your thought, but...

    Wrong... This is not because of our task force. It's because of :


    scroll 50's 1964..2005

    These were not nice, non violent people.
    They were fire bombing (on Christmas eve) people in their beds... They finally got convicted and some splinter group, Grand Dragon/whatever, settled up here in Zinc.. And uses a Harrison Post Office Box. So now It appears that Harrison is the new headwaters for the KKK.

    Our Chamber has been running defense ever since. There are companies wanting to open here but won't/ can't. Because of the racial confusion.

    I won't buy from or donate to Al-Qaeda‎..... and I guess a black man could feel the same way about buying a Bar BQ Grill, truck bed, school blackboard or a couch made by the KKK.
    But they only have a po box, Really !
    I hear there is going to be a white man march in March and some blep blep put up a yellow sign and stirred up the double digit mentality of those w/ double digit mentalities.

    And NOW you want to give it a rest ?

  • NOYBNOYB posted at 10:10 pm on Mon, Feb 17, 2014.

    NOYBNOYB Posts: 1757

    What an idiot..."We"? You got a mouse in your pocket? (see Patty Hunter...) Who is this "we"?

    Maybe "we" could combine it with the open carry proponents,also...

    "OIAH.. Only In Harrison Arkansas.." 'LOL'...Dillhole

  • dill pickle posted at 7:31 pm on Mon, Feb 17, 2014.

    dill pickle Posts: 214

    And just think its all brought on by the task force keeping the subject in the forefront.
    For everyone's sake, please just give it a rest[sad]

  • lightYears posted at 11:42 pm on Sun, Feb 16, 2014.

    lightYears Posts: 935

    What no women , how politically incorrect is that..

    Tornado season starts mid March, so that makes it If 'e for the chamber to put up a beer tent. If we could get the Daughters of the American Revolution. &/Our confederate friends to Do a Civil War reenactment complete with 4th of July cannon, we might have the makings of a perfect storm. Any factories wanting to go Union, get in here . This may be the time..Plenty of TV coverage I'll almost guarantee OIAH.. Only In Harrison Arkansas..

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