Dixie Martin

 I was sad to hear that Brad “Bertie” Riddle died a few days ago. He was 90. He was one of my and Cleo's good friends. He attended music with us at NACC on Saturday nights; somewhere around 1998-2000. He and several others would come to our house to music parties too. He was a sweet and talented person.

My son Chuck Crow of Batesville came over on Saturday morning. We drove up to Maplewood Cemetery before going up to my great-grandson Lucas Crow's birthday party. He spent Saturday night with me then went to church at Ridgeway on Sunday morning.

We had a good visit. It was between both our birthdays. His is on Oct. 25 and mine on Nov. 11. They will be up for Thanksgiving. That's just around the corner.

Phil and Lynda Treat spent Saturday and part of Sunday at his son, Brandon's River house at Mountain Home.

Daughter Ronda Austin took me to my knee doctor last Wednesday. I had shots in both my knees. I will go back this Wednesday and have a shot in my shoulder. Maybe that will keep me going until after the Holidays

Steve Eames said his sister, Maxine and husband Randy Rogers brought him a dinner of crawdads last Friday.

I made supper for my son John Crow and his family on Monday evening. His birthday is on Tuesday but he will be working then. Theshia's mother, Aileen Greenhaw, is in the hospital after a fall she had last week, so she and her sisters have been spending time with their mom.

Johnnie and Ronda Austin traveled with Jackie and Beverley Austin to see their daughter, Jaclyn in Lubbock, Texas, over the weekend. She works at Texas Tech University. The five of them attended a football game on Saturday evening. Texas Tech played against the Oklahoma Sooners.

 Johnnie Rex Wilson and Shellie and Luke Johnson went to Farmington Friday night to watch the Goblins win another game.    

 Nancy Sharp said the Gingerbread House sale was another success. Money made is used for scholarships given to seniors going into agriculture or family and consumer science.

Tina and Breyden McCain are here to spend the week with their mother Nancy Sharp.

My daughters and I have been making some Thanksgiving Plans.

“No one has more driving ambition than a teenage boy who wants to buy a car.”

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