S. Lowe

Today is the first day of daylight savings. I'm going to like it just for the grandkids getting on the bus, at least it will not be dark, but my son will be getting home in the dark. I will not be sitting outside waiting on him to get home. This year’s election will be over in three days. Ya! The weatherman is talking dirty. Matt Jones is calling for snow on Thursday, Nov. 8; we’ll see. Just 18 more days to Thanksgiving and 51 days to Christmas. Rain, rain we started Nov. 1 off with it. I took my twin dogs to get their hair cut in the rain and then I went to the doctor in Branson West and found out I had infection in my ankle and am on pills for 10 days to see if it clears up. Then I went back to pick up my the twin dogs. I hate to drive in the rain.

Rally Francis of Ridgedale, visited recently with Roger Holiday and Donna Butler.

Kevin Lowe and his mother, Sue, had a beautiful day out. We went and saw the beautiful leaves out across Table Rock Dam and on to see Hot Rods and High Heels at Clay Cooper Theater. It’s a great show of 50s and 60s songs; we both loved it. Then we had lunch at Longhorn, our favorite place to eat in Branson, Missouri.

Gorgie Walker of  Berryville visited Friday, Nov. 2, with Donna Butler and Roger Holiday.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Scarrow spent a couple of days with their son and daughter-in-law and granddaughters Mr. and Mrs. Travis Scarrow and girls of Farmington.

Roger Holiday took Donna Butler to Springfield to get her stitches from surgery.

Would like for the class of 1968 to gather and be in the Green Forest Christmas parade. We need to end the year with the class of 1968.

The girls of Oak Grove Freewill Baptist Church got together Saturday, Nov. 3 for a tea party of the Victorian style. It was a lot of fun the first time for some of us. I got to wear my hat that a guest made for me at Silver Dollar City.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Gordon spend the weekend with their son and daughter-in law-and grandkids in Tennessee with Mr. and Mrs. Timmy Gordon and girls.

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