In times passed, I made plans around Arkansas football.

Now, I make plans around Abram Henry and very, very soon Atticus Hatcher. If I am available, I will watch some Razorback football.

Now, there are two more weeks of worrying about it. Yes, there are only 14 more days of Razorback football.

Saturday will be the last home game at Reynolds Razorback Stadium. It will be another opportunity to see a top 10 team in LSU.

This may be a good game for the Razorbacks and then again, it may not be.

Usually after a loss, a team will come back with fire. However, the Razorbacks have had an extra week to work on things and get some individual help.

Coach Chad Morris used the first week to improve the team and then this week to work on LSU.

There has been no question about the improvement of the Hogs over the course of the season. However, that does not eliminate the fact that we have won only two games and have yet to win a conference contest.

With all of that said, I think it will be a closer game then most expect. I think that the Hogs will be able to play with the Tigers.

LSU has a great defense, there is no doubt about it. However, Arkansas has been able to score at times. See who has scored the most points against Alabama this season.

The Tigers have trouble scoring. They couldn’t score against Alabama and we put up more than 30. Our defense has had good games and with a poor LSU offense and good showing from the  Razorback defense — who knows what could happen?

Arkansas closes out the season on the road at Mississippi State and then at Missouri.

Fourteen days. Fourteen days. Then I can get out my program to see who all of the new Razorback basketball players are. After a couple of months of that misery, I can think about Razorback baseball.

That is the bright spot on the Hill.

Jeff Brasel is the sports editor of the Harrison Daily Times. E-mail him at or follow him at .

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