Harrison Art League held their monthly Thursday, March 21. Meeting was called to order at Hobby Lobby meeting room at 5:45 p.m. Six members were present.

• In the secretary’s report motion was made to accept a new member. Motion passed.

• The treasurer’s report gave an estimate of $700, as matching funds need to be added for scholarship money donated by JK Fancher.

 • There was no webmaster report.

Committee and project reports:

School/Club Liaison: High School Art Night will be Wednesday, April 24. Notices will be sent via e-mail to local high school art teachers. Dusty Domino and Cindy Dollard will each teach a session. There will be a cost of $5 and includes pizza and soda pop for participants. Also, there will be figure drawing from a model.

Membership: There are 22 dues paying members. There are two ‘founding members’ who do not pay dues. E-mail has been sent to the other 30 to solicit dues for this year. Included was the new HAL brochure with the calendar of events and a membership form to fill out. Some came back as ‘no longer good’ e-mails. Reminder: Bring membership forms to activities to encourage membership.

Harrison Art League brochure and cover letter: Roxanne Thompson presented what she has come up with to the group. The group read it and she asked for comments, as members checked it over. It was suggested to modify it to fit as a tri-fold in a mailing envelope. Also, some names of specific awards and needs, and prices for awards and other details. The cover letter is a letter to business members of the community. Roxanne will get a mailing list from the Chamber of Commerce (Harrison) and will stuff envelopes. Ramona will help. Printing assist will be through the Ozark Arts Council (OAC) since HAL is one of their organizations now.

Art shows and prizes discussed: It was suggested for the October show (to put the most prestigious focus on more experienced artists) that HAL have awards such as $100 for Best of Show and $50 for second place. A thought for a theme or idea such as: “What’s Your Style?” That it could be realistic, abstract, impressionism, real or imagined. It was suggested that for $300 an organization could be the sponsor of the show.

In July for the show that encouraged newcomers and students the prizes have been: experienced $50 and $25, novice $50 and $25 and student $50 and $25.

Figure Drawing Group Report: Figure drawing will be Sunday in the back of the Lyric Theater in Harrison. Cost will be $20 due to there being two models. Models will be in bathing suits. Tim McSweeney organizes that and gets the model(s) and sends out an e-mail to interested people and gets back confirmations of who will attend.  It always starts promptly at 1 p.m. and ends at 4 p.m. Usually it’s the last Sunday of each month.

Acrylic Technique Report: Thursday, April 18 will be the next class. Seven signed up for last class but only one showed up. The teacher for this class would like participants who cannot come to cancel a day in advance to give her notice of how many to expect.

Genevieve Fancher Scholarship: The applications for the scholarship to a graduating senior are due by Friday, April 5. The scholarships will be awarded at the May HAL meeting. The applicants submit digital portfolios. Three members will help score them. They will print out the submissions for the two winners so members can view their art at the scholarship presentation at the next meeting. There will be two $400 awards. Booth will prepare a certificate in a frame for both recipients and it will be signed by Roxanne Thomason, president. Be sure to remind/invite Fancher to attend.

Future meeting topic: Have the two high school students that went to Governors School recently for art (in the summer) speak to the group about that experience. That would be Elana Hale of Mt. Judea, a senior this year, and Eden Pinkston, a freshman in college this year.

The next meeting is set for the regular time, the second Thursday, May 16, at 5:30 p.m. and the scholarships will be presented at this meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 6:51 p.m.

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