Johnny Rex and Sue Wilson hosted Christmas with their family on Saturday. Attending were Natalie, Olivia, Ian, Isaiah and Jessica Cash; Shellie, Luke, Ben, Lane and Adam Johnson; and Davy, Serena, Hailey, Eli and Courtland Wilson. Mitch Cash was sick, so he was not able to attend. Others there were Tom and Will Weatherly, Michael Scott, Kayden Powers and Courtney Wilson.

Nancy Sharp and Tiffany Nichols went to Fayetteville on Tuesday and met Tina McCain. They spent the night, then did some shopping Wednesday. They visted Glen and Lenae Sattler. He is still in the hospital at Springdale. They are hoping to be home on the Dec. 24.

Jean Crow and her daughter Lucinda Crow came over for a visit and gift exchange on Saturday.

Alex and Roselea Crow came to see me on Sunday afternoon and we exchanged gifts since they were not going to be able to attend our Christmas brunch on Wednesday.

On Monday, grandson Chris Crow came over and we made Christmas cookies and candies. Daughter Ronda Austin came over and brought a pizza. We were about sugared out on sweets.

My sister Carolyn Green and her daughter Pam Grimes and her husband David Grimes came in from Russellville. They came to my house and we exchanged gifts on Monday.

Nancy Sharp came over on Monday evening to bring her news and we visited for awhile, but we didn't get to put it in the paper due to turning it in earlier for the holidays.

Jeannee Wilkerson came in from Rogersville, Missouri to spend time with her sister Lila Nettell and her brother Melvin Wilson and Rain Wilson. Jeannee is a nurse in Springfield and had to work on Christmas day.

Phil and Lynda Treat spent Christmas eve with their daughter Mandie Treat and her boyfriend Clayton Kephart in Branson, Missouri.

Most of my family were here on Christmas day. Attending were John, Theshia, Chris and Tonya Crow; Chuck and William Crow; Johnnie and Ronda Austin; Tyler, Briley, Journey and Jaymeson Austin; Phil, Lynda and Mandie Treat and her boyfriend Clayton Kephart. We ate brunch, visited, and opened gifts. Since the weather was nice and sunny, we went outside and took pictures of the family members before they had to leave.

My sympathy to James Slifer in the death of his wife on Christmas eve. Also, my sympathy to the Breedlove family in the death of their oldest sibling, Louis Breedlove. His nephew is my grandson, Matt Crow.

Steve Eames spent Christmas day with Clint and Teresa Simmons. Teresa is his niece.

His sister Maxine and Randy Rogers came over today and they all went down to Newton County and saw a herd of elks down in Boxley. He talked on the phone to his cousin Art and Judy Fiveash who lives in California.

My sympathy to Billie and Allen Young in the death of his brother who lived in Tennessee.

“Please remember throughout ths new year we are all very blessed. For us Ozarkers our glasses are neither half empty or half full... They're just twice as large as they need to be.”

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