Chris Crow came over and prepared brunch for us on Tuesday and Thursday. Ronda and Johnnie Austin came over with their grandchildren, Journey and Jaymeson, and took me to the cemetery to put flowers on the graves. Lynda and Phil Treat joined us. It rained really hard just as we were getting out of the vehicles to place flowers on the graves. They came over after that and visited for awhile and then left to go to Lead Hill to put flowers on those graves. Lynda and Phil Treat left for Marshall to put flowers on Phil's family graves.

Steve Eames, his sister Maxine, and Randy Rogers drove down to Newton County and placed flowers on their family graves as Sandhill Cemetery. Also, Steve talked to his cousin Johnny Cowels, as well as Annie Lee.

Nancy Sharp and Tiffany Nichols met Tina McCain in Springdale on Tuesday. They spent the night, then came home on Wednesday evening.

On Thursday night, Lance and Tiffany Nichols, Nancy Sharp, and Ribbon Woolston attended the wedding of Kelsey Powers and Tyler Robinson at the Kenda Drive-in Theater in Marshall.

On Wednesday, Ronda Austin took me to my doctor and he gave me the results of my chest x-ray. The results showed small amounts of scar tissue left on my lungs, with no cancer. I feel a lot better now and as I haven't taken any more cancer pills at this time.

My son John Crow came over yesterday for a little while and visited on Sunday.

Rhonda and Joe Pemberton traveled to Madison, Indiana last Friday to see Rhonda's mother Pauline Mason. She returned on Monday and stopped by to drop off some peonies and a rose from her flower garden.

Phil and Lynda Treat traveled to Mt. Home to see their children, Brandon and Hilary Treat as well as their grandchildren, Dulcie and Darrow Treat to celebrate Darrow's third birthday.

Mandie Treat came over on Sunday and said she was finally working again at a restaurant in Branson.

Whoever said, “Out of sight, Out of mind,” has never had a spider disappear in their bedroom.

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