Today is May 25 Happy Memorial Day to everyone. It can be a sad time or happy time with the Covid-19 going around it a happy time if you are able to get up and get outside but stay safe. Press release 818 incident at 5:59 p.m. May 23 last night crews from MDS along with Oak Grove Fire and Rescue recovered the missing person from 818 incident. We would like to thank everyone that assisted in the operation over the last 6 days. The family of the victims are in our prayers. It was a shock when a Maple Spring guy left to be with his savior. He is a person that is going to be missed. It seem like every time I went to town he was always pm his four wheeler going to the chicken house across the road where he lived. The family of John Finch 60 has our deepest sympathy.

Just learn of another lady that knew for 40 years had went home. I use to sell Avon when use to go to door to door selling. Wanda Bogarth left May 21 to her new home in heaven. I think of Wanda everytime I pass by her house.

Brayden Lowe spend Saturday night with his Uncle Kevin Lowe. Kevin Lowe and mom Sue went to Branson West to shop at Wal-Mart they were line up clear to garden center outside so we left and went to Kings and they were barbecue ribs so we said, “Oh yes, lunch!”

Sunday company of Kevin Lowe was Brayden Lowe, Madison Lowe, Jesse Mcquery, and Daniel Morgan.

On Sunday night Michael Chapin and Mckayla Gordon was on there way home and a car back out in front of them cause them to roll their SUV. Thank God their twin girls wasn't with them. They are sore today.

There wasn't very many at Bingo. I never see them people Just one that goes from Harrison. He

won a lot of money. Look like the rest won some. Before you had to win 100 to get your picture on FaceBook.

Just end the holiday with I got out and Barbecue just things. I done in a long time and end with a dish of ice cream. Happy Memorial Day!

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