Today is the last Sunday for Sunday school and church for 2019 it is sad to take it that way but the next time we go will be brand new year 2020. It sad but i'm glad that we got Christmas over with.

Nancy Bennett spent her first Christmas with her brother and family for first time since they were kids John Lowe and wife Sue and Nephew Kevin Lowe after opening gifts they went up to Blue Eye, Ar. and had lunch with Lowe, Lizzy Nay, Brayden Lowe, Madison Lowe other visitor was Lizzy mother Donna McWhorter and grandson James of Branson, Missouri.

Judy Ramsey of Oklahoma spend a week with her sister and brother in law Linda and Johnny Gordon.

Helen Lee Garrett on Thursday Dec. 12 2019 at the blessed age of 99 passed peacefully into eternal glory and is now in heaven rejoicing with her beloved husband Kirby Garrett. She went to school at Oak Grove and lived down the road from me close to Yocum Creek. I knew Kirby and Helen all my life they were sweet people. She will be missed by all that knew her. The family has our deepest sympathy.

The family of Cindy George has our deepest sympathy.

John and Sue Lowe went to the LongHorn to have their 30th anniversary lunch. John took off Dec. 23 to take Sue out had a good lunch. I can't believe been together 30 years and we got a big snow in 1989.

Sue Lowe visit THursday with Donna Butler and Roger Holiday.

Kevin Lowe spent Friday night with his Uncle Kevin Lowe.

Sandra Malotte spent Christmas day with her daughter Karen Janes at her new cottage in Eureka Springs.

Tuesday Dec. 24 visitor of Sue Lowe was Kevin Lowe, Daniel Morgan, Sandra Malotte, and Roy Malotte.

Well you can tell the holiday has hit the church last Sunday we had a 100 people and today with the holiday and flu we only had 25 that the low I have ever seen.

After Oct 31 until now we can drink the water without boiling it.

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