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There’s something very appealing to just watching a sweet, mindless romantic comedy now and then.

“Home Again” is just that kind of movie.

The latest Reese Witherspoon vehicle isn’t going to win any kind of awards or accolades, but it’s the kind of movie you can watch for 97 minutes just to laugh and not think about anything other than the silliness unfolding on screen.

“Home Again” tells the story of Alice (Witherspoon), a recently-separated mother of two who movies from New York to Los Angeles, where she grew up. Things take an unexpected turn, though when she allows three 20-something filmmakers to move in with her and her two young daughters.

After I first saw the preview for this film, I was turned off by its premise, which seemed to center on 40-year-old Alice’s relationship with one of the young men who move in to her house.

I’m glad to report that, that is not the main plot of the movie.

It is a part of it, but the movie actually has a lot more to offer.

One of the most endearing aspects of the film is seeing how the three young men step in to help with the raising of her daughters.

It’s really sweet to see the relationships Harry (Pico Alexander), Teddy (Nat Wolff) and George (Jon Rudnitsky) develop with the young girls in the absence of their father, Austen (Michael Sheen), being around.

The movie really hits its stride by the second act, providing some laugh-out-loud moments due to the ridiculous situations in which the characters find themselves.

But this all pretty standard rom-com fare.

There’s a lot of comedy derived simply from the fact that Harry is so much younger than Alice.

Most of the comedic elements really come to a head after Sheen’s Austen moves into the fray to upset the unconventional family unit with which Alice has surrounded herself.

While this movie probably won’y go down as one of the romantic comedy genre’s best, it’s still a fun flick.

“Home Again” is rated PG-13 for some thematic and sexual material.

It is currently playing at the Branson Meadows Cinema at 12:30, 2:40, 4:45, 7 and 9:10 p.m.

For more information visit bransonmeadowscinema11.com or email me at brandonc@harrisondaily.com.

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