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We’ve all been faced with challenges that really feel impossible. Or maybe it’s been a life-long dream of yours that feels impossible. Today my Bible reading was the story of David and Goliath. Most people have heard of the young shepherd boy and the fierce, war hero and giant, Goliath.

What struck me today was how ordinary David was. Except he really wasn’t. Sure he was the youngest with seven older brothers and his job was to keep the sheep. He had killed a lion and a bear before (so that makes him non-ordinary to me). Yet from the perspective of his family he was “just” David. The little brat brother who followed the big boys around.

That’s what his oldest brother accused him of, when David was spotted asking questions at the battle field. Goliath had already come out every day for 40 days and ranted about how sorry the Israelites were and their God. (Think about how long we’ve been in a quarantine situation … now picture big bad ugly Goliath yelling obscenities at you every morning.)

It was obvious to David that His God could defeat the Philistines. What happened to the faith of the Israelites army? They stopped listening to God, and got caught up with the circumstances around them. Sure, it looked hopeless! I agree.

What things look impossible to everyone else? Yet you know in your heart, God can do it. So how do we sidestep the negative Nellies surrounding us and focus on just hearing the voice of God?

Well, I can tell you, I don’t have all the perfect answers. But being honest with God, reading the Bible and spending time with God are usually the keys.

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves that isn’t from God. We think, “I have to be this personality, or look like that, or be as smart as her. God can’t use me like I am. I need to be like someone else.” All of these are self-talk lies.

Sure, it never hurts to learn more skills. But David didn’t have time to take a six-week class in public speaking before he spoke to the Philistine army. He didn’t have time to lose 50 pounds in a Karate class. He came straight from Shepherd 101 with the tools he used every day. A sling and some rocks. I’m sure he sat around talking to the sheep and practiced hitting Coke can targets while he perfected his technique. He used what he had been given and made it as good as he could.

What is God asking you to do that you don’t feel adequate for? Telling your friends and neighbors about Jesus? Sure that can be scary and in some countries deadly. But just do what you know how to do. When you find a great clearance or bargain item  — you tell others about it. When a local restaurant has a tremendous dish that is the best you’ve ever tasted  — you tell others about it.

That’s all witnessing is. You tell others what you know to be true in your life. I know Jesus Christ coming into my life was the greatest event that will ever happen for me. That relationship and that forgiveness will last forever and He never stops loving me. (Even when I act stinky!)

David knew God and His promises. He acted upon that truth and knowledge, then used the ability he already had plus faith and trust in God. David’s little smooth stone knocked the giant out cold. Goliath went down face first onto the ground. Then David took the giant's sword and cut off his head. Then like any young man with a reason to be proud … he paraded around with that head in his possession.  (Yuck!)

David bragged on what God did. Whatever God is asking of you right now, don’t be fearful. Use the abil


Donna has written for the HDT for more than 19 years. When off the clock, she enjoys writing for children, teaching piano lessons and being a pastor's wife. The Braymers have three married sons and daughter-in-laws and 9 grandchildren.

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