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Everyone desires to make a difference in this world. In my Bible reading today the statement was made that caught my attention. “No one cared that he died.”

That is so very sad to me. I want my life to count for something. God placed each of us here for a reason. So how do we make a difference with each day God gives us? 

Whether it’s being the most talented, or being the best factory worker in the plant, God has created you for a purpose and part of that purpose is to share His love with others. A mother and father have the awesome responsibility to love their children is a way God loves. There’s a time for rewards and pats on the backs, but the Word of God shows He takes time to discipline us, too when we need it —  because He loves us so much.

I have received permission to share the thoughts of a pastor friend in Owasso, Oklahoma. Pastor Linzy Slayden wrote about love and how it can change our world. Ready for a change?

“In response to what is going on in America, I have an answer that will bring peace to the streets again. It will seem trite to some people, but I have seen it work time and time again.”

I’d like to share these points with our readers today. Let’s vow to make a difference by the love we show to others.

With people young and old from all walks of life, and from a variety of backgrounds, there is a God-given “secret” that pays dividends wherever and whenever it is employed. I was reminded about it again this week. 

What? Biblical love. Why? Because it’s a biblical principle!

Love God; love people! Don’t flinch, don’t fear, put your faith in God and just do what He says.

• Love, not hate

I don’t like what I’m seeing and hearing from across the country these days. When hate is being practiced and promoted, that gets my attention; but I refuse to support it. I can listen all day to grievances and try to find solutions; but I cannot accept looters, arsonists and killers. Law and order is a staple of a free society.

• Love is a Bible mandated Christian character

When our love of God is first and foremost, it makes our love for human beings an easier matter. You cannot impress anyone with your professed love of God if you are practicing hate toward other people. It is simple enough just to treat other people the way you want to be treated. It doesn't take a Ph.D. to figure this out. It is common sense!

• Love knows no limits and no exceptions.

You can rightfully hate sin; but we should love the sinner … as hard as that may be! If I disagree with you or if I disapprove of your behavior, that doesn't mean I don’t love you the way God wants me to love you.

You and I may disagree religiously, politically or on any number of issues; but we should still have the love of God in our hearts that influences our attitude toward each other that shows respect and acts responsibility.

• Love Listens

When you are hurt, love pays attention. If you are mistreated or misrepresented, love says “I will help.” Love doesn't pretend to be blind. Love doesn't duck and run when there are burdens or difficulties.

• Love is a two-way street

If you expect love, you must give love. It is a two-way street that makes peace and harmony a reality.

• Love Finds a Way

Love will work when all else fails. Love will be up and running when everything else is looking for its track shoes.

Slayden concludes, “Love … This is what our ministry should be about. Not some syrupy, gushy love but biblical love that makes a difference. Let’s make a difference together!”

There’s time, for the sake of loving others, that it’s best to just keep our thoughts and opinions to ourselves. But one thing we don’t need to keep silent about is the love of God and the difference that Jesus Christ can make in every life. Let’s spread that good news!


Donna has written for the HDT since 1999. When off the clock, she enjoys writing for children, teaching piano lessons and being a pastor's wife. The Braymers have three married sons and daughter-in-laws and 9 grandchildren.

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