HUNTSVILLE — If last year’s football contest between Berryville and Huntsville is any indication about this year’s contest, fans may want to get to the stadium early to watch the ballgame.

Huntsville defeated the Bobcats by a touchdown last season. Berryville would like to erase that memory.

The Bobcats will do that against a new head coach this season. The coaching change may have created some excitement in the program.

“Even though Coach (Matt) Williams was already on staff previously as their defensive coordinator, I think it has excited the team some,” said Berryville head coach Doug Shott. “I would imagine just his way of doing things would bring some newness and excitement.”

Huntsville will come into the game with an 0-1 record and the team will run a Spread formation.

“They are using a lot of different formations, some unorthodox,” said Shott about the Eagles’ Spread. “But it is pretty much doing the usual stuff out of it.”

On the defensive end of the football, Huntsville will send a three-front line into the game.

“We would like to think so,” replied Shott about his team being able to move the ball. “If we execute our blocking assignments and take the proper angles, we should be fine.”

Shott looked at the game and pointed to four things that he feels will be important in this contest.

“Playing tough man football,” he started. “Not turning the ball over, play solid defense and playing for four quarters are all key.”

Shott also feels that “It is a great day to be a Bobcat.”

Start time is 7 p.m. for the contest.

Team members of the Berryville Bobcats include: Francesco Pizzetti; Tristen Lodwick; Tristan Updegraff; Dominic Henry; Brayden Hill; Harley Tittsworth; Isaac Weston; Joshua Estrada; J.D. Smith; Armando Mojica; Freddy Roque; Jarrett Stringer; Tyler Payne; Caleb Record; Trever DeBoer; Jaeden Tanksley; Dylan Sperduto; Zach Boaz; Austin Franklin; Brett Parsons; Landen Pittman; Beau Record; Jace Walker; Damian Helmlinger; Carlos Escobar; Bodey Teter; Poncho McClellan; Kenton Cole; Ross Nance; Drayson Smith; Colton Record; Kelton Davidson; C.J. Escobar; Haydon Williams; Scotland Lucas; Braden Scrivner; Sterling Strait; and Kennon Hellingen. Managers include: Emily Broseus; Lexi Ranbolt; and Grace Weege. The head coach of the Bobcats is Doug Shott. Assistant coaches include: David Broseus; Brandon Skelton; Derek Aynes; Jesse Frost; and Ryan Whetham.

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