GRAVETTE — With the goal being a trip to the state tournament, Berryville and Gravette need to start collecting wins entering the second half of the conference season.

Only one team will walk away the victor on Friday night when the Bobcats and the Lions face each other in a 4A-1 contest at Lion Stadium.

Gravette is coming off of back-to-back losses after a 1-0 start to the conference season with a 34-14 win over Lincoln.

Berryville is winless in the conference and look to bounce back after coming up short in a 39-34 loss to Lincoln.

The Bobcats head coach Doug Shott has defined practice as upbeat, enthusiastic and a group of close-knit kids who are ready to start winning.

“Usual game preparation,” Shott commented about preparation for this weeks game. “We are focusing on assignments as well as blocking and tackling.”

Despite only averaging 16 points on offense this season, Gravette is capable of putting points on the board and the Bobcats will have to defend against a Spread offense and a good quarterback and running back.

The Lions have allowed 34 points per game this season while the Bobcats are averaging 24 points on offense.

The Bobcats will look to play their tempo game of running the ball to keep the chains moving as they work their way down the field.

Shott stressed limiting turnovers and missed tackles as the key to the game after turnovers played a big role in last week’s loss to Lincoln.

The Bobcat coach looks to keep his players focused and encourages them to stay moving forward.

“If we go out there and everything goes against us, don’t get rattled, put on more steam,” the coach noted about his message to his team. “If we go out there and everything goes our way, don’t slow up, put on more steam. In football as in life, no matter what, you always gotta put on more steam.”

The opening kickoff is set for 7 p.m. on the campus of Gravette High School.

Team members of the Berryville Bobcats include: Francesco Pizzetti; Tristen Lodwick; Tristan Updegraff; Dominic Henry; Brayden Hill; Harley Tittsworth; Isaac Weston; Joshua Estrada; J.D. Smith; Armando Mojica; Freddy Roque; Jarrett Stringer; Tyler Payne; Caleb Record; Trever DeBoer; Jaeden Tanksley; Dylan Sperduto; Zach Boaz; Austin Franklin; Brett Parsons; Landen Pittman; Beau Record; Jace Walker; Damian Helmlinger; Carlos Escobar; Bodey Teter; Poncho McClellan; Kenton Cole; Ross Nance; Drayson Smith; Colton Record; Kelton Davidson; C.J. Escobar; Haydon Williams; Scotland Lucas; Braden Scrivner; Sterling Strait; and Kennon Hellingen. Managers include: Emily Broseus; Lexi Ranbolt; and Grace Weege. The head coach of the Bobcats is Doug Shott. Assistant coaches include: David Broseus; Brandon Skelton; Derek Aynes; Jesse Frost; and Ryan Whetham.

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