LINCOLN — At the height of the conference schedule, every win is important.

Green Forest is still looking for that first 4A-1 win and will be matched on Friday against the Wolves of Lincoln who come off a close 39-34 win over Berryville last week.

The Tigers have had plenty to try to battle back from over the past few weeks and injuries have played a large role.

“Preparation has been as normal,” Green Forest head coach Bobby Bishop commented about practice this week. “However, we’ve had to concentrate on schooling up our replacements for key injured players.”

The Lincoln Wolves are averaging 37.5 points per game this season and are getting it done several different ways.

“Lincoln is a big, physical football team,” Bishop noted about the opponents offense. “We seen two different quarterbacks in the two films we've scouted. They spread you out, try to get the ball in space and sling throw the ball down the field. They run the ball effectively with their tailback, quarterbacks and slot receivers. We'll have to defend both vertically and horizontally.”

Green Forest has been held scoreless in its last two games. For that to change, the Tigers know what the key to the game will be.

“As I say almost every week, we have to keep the ball in our possession as much as possible,” said the coach. “Turnovers really hurt us last week. It seems as though turning the ball over becomes contagious. We had to play the second half with our backup quarterback last week, so there were some miscues in the second half. Hopefully with a lot of reps this week in practice, some of those issues will be worked out.”

Bishop’s message to the team prior to the game will be straight-forward and simple.

“Next man up,” the coach stressed. “Stay positive and believe in yourself and your teammates.”

Friday’s road game with Lincoln will kick off at 7 p.m.

Team members of the Green Forest Tigers include: Gabriel Holland; Myo Hto; Soe Lah; Seth Charlton; Barrett Phillips; Evan Anderson; Bryan Soto; Trevor Stark; Alberto Martinez; Reiley Gordon; Gage Lowe; Devon Divall; Hayden Alvard; Jordy DeLeon; Jazmany Lopez; Dalton Randolph; Rodolpho Mendoza; Aron Divall; Max Jones; Devon Wethern; Zane Kauffman; Jordan Perez; Oscar Madrigal; Ray Foster; Adrian Serna; Logan Underdown; and Fredy Juarez. The head coach of the Tigers is Bobby Bishop. Assistant coaches include: Brandon Stone; Ben West; Tyler Harness; Daniel Fitts; and Skylar Fowler.

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