SALEM — Yellville-Summit is ready to play football again.

The Panthers will be lining up against Salem on Friday night in Salem. However, the team will have a completely different look.

“We have three people playing the same positions that they started in last week,” said Panther coach Lucas Morris. “We have guards that are tackles. We moved some tackles to guards. We have moved a lot of people around.”

Tyler Barrett is one of the offensive linemen that started last week for the Panthers. However, a broken wrist against Green Forest last week will keep him out of this week’s contest.

There has been some more changes in the back field as well. Eli Cagle will be moving to fullback and Sam Robinson will be the quarterback.

“We are switching the two,” said the coach. “It is not anything about the way that they played, we just want to see Eli running forward. He has good vision.”

Last week against Green Forest, the Panthers had more than 100 yards of penalties. That is something that the coaching staff has worked toward eliminating.

“We have cleaned that up,” said Morris. “We won’t have that many yards this week.”

Looking at the Greyhounds, the coach knows the key to winning the game.

“We have to be disciplined,” he said. “We have to be consistent. We have to be able to put together good drives. We can’t miss assignments.”

Morris has more points to make about the upcoming contest.

“Granted, we are running a new offense, but we have repped it a lot,” he said. “We have to be consistent every play. If we find that consistency, we will be OK.”

When facing Salem, the Panthers will have to be ready for the next man up for the Greyhounds.

“They have another good running back,” said the coach. “He is a senior. He didn’t get a lot of recognition last year because he was playing behind a really good one. Last week against Mountain View he had 196 yards and three touchdowns.”

Salem will run their basic set against the Panthers.

“Some offenses you don’t stop, you slow down,” said Morris. “They execute really well. They run three plays 60 percent of the time. We have to stop their base plays. We have hammered our guys on those plays. They have a lot of offensive weapons.”

When it comes to defense for the Greyhounds, the team presented a different look against Mountain View.

“They ran a four man front all last year,” said the coach. “However, last week against Mountain View, they put five up front. We have prepared for both.”

Game time is at 7 p.m.

Team members of the Yellville-Summit Panthers include: Anthony Monroe; Javen Keymer; Aaron Robinson; Kyle Dobbs; Caleb Mitchell; Gus Simmons; Briten Roberts; Luke Carter; Conner Crain; Nate Butts; Timmy Schwartz; Billy Green; Caiden Curtis; Jacob Smith; Sam Robinson; Eli Cagle; Brennan Copeland; Kayden Geier; Domanic Dell; Dakota Deleon; Logan Mcvay; Lucas Mcvay; Kirk Knapp; Tyler Barrett; Tyler White; Christian Murphy; A.J. Jones; Devin Sheldon; Gavin Mungle; Hunter Smith; Will Carver; Jake Sills; Zach Young; Cody Hogg; T.J. Raimondi; and Zander Bell. The head coach of the Panthers is Lucas Morris. James Rhodes and Clark Austin are the assistant coaches.

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