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Harrison School Superintendent Dr. Stewart Pratt said 120 kindergarten students were sent home Tuesday for 14 days quarantine after they were exposed to an individual last week who tested positive for COVID-19 over the weekend.

Pratt had earlier told the Board of Education that the rule of thumb is for anyone who was exposed to a positive individual within 6 feet for more than a cumulative 15 minutes throughout a day would have to be quarantined.

He said those 120 students, who constitute six of the 12 kindergarten classes at Harrison, were exposed to an individual (who wasn't identified) last Thursday and Friday.

That individual was asymptomatic at the time, but developed symptoms over the weekend and tested positive for the coronavirus. That's what triggered the quarantine.

The individual wasn't at school Monday and none of the children were symptomatic either, Pratt said. No other symptomatic students or staff were at school Tuesday, he added.

Pratt said the school tried to be as proactive as possible by sending the children home with remote instruction devices and teachers were gearing up to meet with them virtually during the time of quarantine.

Pratt said there are staff members who are also at home after possibly being exposed to another positively diagnosed individual, but contact tracing indicated none were related to the current incident.

Pratt said the district was still in the process of notifying parents Tuesday evening.

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