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If you’re a registered Harrison city voter, you can start early voting Tuesday in the special election on construction of a community recreational complex.

The city proposed the center earlier this year. Mayor Jerry Jackson said interest rates are so low at present that the city could get a good deal on financing, but there is no guarantee rates will remain low.

The proposed $39.9 million facility depends on voters approving a 0.75% sales tax to finance construction of the facility through the sale of bonds. If voters approve, revenue from the tax will go directly to a bond trustee to see the bonds are paid and the tax will expire when they are paid.

Voters are also asked to approve a 0.25% sales tax to maintain the center after construction, as well as to acquire, construct, improve, expand, equip, furnish, operate and maintain new or existing park and recreation facilities. It would be a permanent tax.

Because the two issues are separate questions on the ballot, one could pass and the other fail.

Officials have said that if the 0.75% temporary tax passes and the 0.25% tax fails, they will have to consider the next move because there would be no additional money to operate and maintain it. The city won’t be required to levy the larger tax if the smaller one fails.

If the lesser tax passes and the larger fails, the revenue would be used for existing parks facilities.

Early voting is scheduled for 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, Nov. 5-8, and again Monday, Nov. 11, at Boone County Election Center at the corner of West Central Avenue and South Cherry Street in Harrison.

Election day is schedule for 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 12. The Election Center will be open, as well as Woodland Heights Baptist Church on Gipson Road.

Photo ID is required to vote. Anyone without a photo ID at the time can have one made for the purpose of voting only at the election center. You can also vote on a provisional ballot if you simply don’t have your ID with you at the time, but you must take your ID to the Election Center by the Monday after the election for your vote to be counted.

Boone County election coordinator Beckie Benton said she has never seen anyone cast a provisional ballot due to an ID problem. The vast majority of provisional ballots cast in Boone County have been the result of a voter registration issue.

A voter might be registered to vote, but only registered after the deadline of 30 days prior to the election. In other cases, a voter might be registered in another county in Arkansas and hasn’t transferred their registration to Boone County. Benton said the clerk’s office can transfer registration from another area to Boone County up until 4:30 p.m. the Friday prior to election day.

Only Harrison residents who are registered to vote may cast ballots in the special election.

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I was thrilled when the buzz was A YMCA is coming to town. Well they came , went through the drill and left . Stating that they felt this area would not support one and it was not financial a good idea. These YMCA guys are the pros. So that is one of the reasons I doubt the success of this (want to be) venture in recreation centers, now up for vote. Which brings up my second set of shivers...Special elections were made to expedite emergency situations. When a non- emergency sponsor that wants to raise money, pays for brochures, advertising, and the cost of a special election,(though legal) they are essentially buying the absents of VOTES because of the traditional low turnout associated with special elections. If this was an regular election I'd say let the will of the people be heard and voted and I'd shake the hand of the winner. Let's vote this down, this time . If it's a good and valid cause, it will be back during a regular election. When all the voters will turn out. Thank You.

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