Buffalo National River Partners and Boone County Library will present Eco Tour Throwback with Marti Olesen, Jim Frey, Fay Knox, Babs DeChant, and Kevin Middleton from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 25, at the Boone County Library, 221 West Stephenson Avenue in Harrison.

 The Newton County Resource Council created a successful program of ecotourism in the 1990s. A panel presentation and discussion about the BNR Ecotours project will share how longtime residents and newcomers with unique knowledge of the watershed were recruited, and how successful tours were created. Presenters Fay Knox, Babs DeChant, Kevin Middleton, Jim Frey, and Marti Olesen will come with photos, memorabilia and stories to share about these exceptional tours that took place on the Buffalo National River in the 1990s.  

 The “Adventures for Youth” program for area fifth graders was also created in the 1990s through an alliance with public school districts and guides from the Ecotourism project as part of a “Be a Winner” program grant. It brought children to the BNR from surrounding school schools, enabling students an introduction to nature through adventure-based counseling activities outdoors in the Buffalo National Park setting using trained Ecotourism guides. This was a highly successful tool that brought many children to experience the Buffalo for the first time in small groups, and gave area residents an opportunity to gain valuable training in an expanding field. It was a win-win collaboration.

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