Stop right there! What are you putting into your Orion recycling cart?

If you don't know what is acceptable, you soon will as a campaign is under way to adhere instruction labels on the blue and yellow recycling receptacles throughout Harrison.

The campaign began at 9 a.m. Tuesday in Ward 3. Mayor Jerry Jackson and City Council member Linda DeWald greeted around 20 volunteers, recruited personally and through social media, in council chambers at City Hall.

Jackson explained that Orion Waste Solutions, the city's trash hauling contractor, has warned the city council that the city may lose its recycling service. Only one recycling processor is accepting Orion's recyclables at present, but it has complained that much of it is contaminated with other waste.

"We're not out to blame anybody," the mayor said. Residential customers were not informed properly about what materials are currently being accepted for recycling.

"We want to start a campaign, starting today, to inform everybody what's recyclable, and what's not."

The campaign begins with placing labels on the recycling carts. Orion supplied 4,000 of the adhesive labels that clearly show what can be thrown inside the cart and what cannot.

DeWald demonstrated how and where the labels should be placed on the lid of one of the familiar carts with the yellow lid. She used a spray bottle of liquid cleaning solvent and a paper towel to clean the area where the label was then placed.

The volunteers formed teams of three and were given a stack of labels, a roll of paper towels, a bottle of cleaner and a map of Ward 3 with streets marked where customers were located. Tuesday is trash pickup day in the ward which includes the Woodland Heights neighborhood and surrounding area in the southeast quadrant of the city. Those residents had their trash and recycling carts at the curb ready for pickup. The mayor said he did not want the volunteers to go on to private property so he instructed them only to place stickers on the carts that they could.

The label shows items that are acceptable.

Paper: Newspaper, magazines, office paper, junk mail, cardboard, paperboard and paper bags.

Plastic: Water and soda bottles, milk jugs and detergent bottles (lids/ caps are OK. Labels are permitted).

Metal: Aluminum cans, tin and steel cans (lids/ caps are OK. Labels are permitted).

Materials that are not acceptable are plastic bags or wrap, Styrofoam, trash, glass bottles, Pyrex glass, ceramics, food scraps, motor oil containers/filters, yard waste, garden hoses, clothing and textiles, light bulbs, electronics or soiled pizza boxes.


Questions? Call (870) 204-6690.

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It's about time, but I think the saying is "it's to late to close the gate after the cattle are loose"... But , I'll give it a college try.
Meanwhile it might be timely to re-explore : Power generation using garbage and trash incineration. Instead of all this hauling to Tony Town a plant @ Methvin could light up the whole industrial Park strip.

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