Informed Choices is a new center to give women information about unexpected pregnancies.

The center recently joined the Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce and hosted a ribbon cutting. Many from the community attended to participate in the celebration.

“We are grateful to have you in our community. This directly affects the quality of life and we value your existence,” Chamber president Bob Largent said.

City of Harrison Mayor, Jerry Jackson said, “This is a good example of something different coming into our community that we need. Thank you for coming to Harrison.”

Center director Rhonda Graham said, “Informed Choices is a nonprofit ministry which means we are funded through generous gifts and donations from individuals, businesses, and churches in our community. This allows us to be able to offer free services. We have already received a lot of gifts and donations from many of you who are standing right here. We can’t thank you enough for all that you have done to get us to this point.”

“The mission for the organization as a nonprofit, pro life Women’s Center exists to encourage, educate and equip women and men who are experiencing an unexpected, ‘crisis’ pregnancy,” she said.  

Graham explained, “It is not just about confirming a pregnancy for us.  It is always about walking alongside them throughout their pregnancy and beyond.”

Informed Choices provides pregnancy tests, limited ultrasounds, STD testing, abortion recovery education and parenting classes for mothers in their first pregnancy.  

“We have a program called Earn While You Learn, where our clients can earn materials and resources that they need to help provide a healthy environment for their child. All these services are entirely free and completely confidential,” Graham said.

The ministry started four years ago in Mountain Home and was anxious to expand to the Harrison area. The board looked for just the right location for a long time before we found this one. We want women to feel private and protected when they come here. The clinic is on the Trolly line, and not on a main street to offer as much privacy as possible.

Graham prides the ministry on offering truthful information for clients. “We don’t refer clients to abortion clinics, but we do give them correct and truthful information. Also if a young lady decides to parent, we have a lot of curriculum to walk them through that process. If the best option for the child, young mother or college student is adoption, that is a very loving sacrifice and we work with Bethany Christian Services.”

Post abortion counseling is also offered now. Graham said, “Statistics show that one out of every three women have had an abortion since 1973. These women are often walking around in guilt and shame — suffering in silence. The educational materials we have are very powerful and have proven to be amazing.”

Dr. Ross Halsted is the medical director for the center. “He is amazing and the reason we get to have medical services,” she said.

Graham introduced and praised the board of directors and volunteers. “We couldn’t do what we do without these amazing people,” she said. “They began praying for this location a long time ago.”

“As we go forward, we will need financial donations, things contributed like baby clothes and diapers — cribs, those types of items. Most importantly, we’re going to need your help getting the word out to our community that we are here and our heart — along with everyone who supports us, is to do everything we can to support mothers and save the lives of unborn children who may be the result of a crisis pregnancy,” Graham said.

The Harrison location of Informed Choices Women’s Center of the Ozarks is located at 715 W. Sherman. A number for texting is (870) 404-4897 and calls can be made to (870) 280-3169. 



Donna has written for the HDT for more than 19 years. When off the clock, she enjoys writing for children, teaching piano lessons and being a pastor's wife. The Braymers have three married sons and daughter-in-laws and 9 grandchildren.

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