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Equity Bank continues to sponsor Stick Horses at the Rodeo in partnership with Mark Hanshaw at Wood Chevrolet. The bank pays all the related expenses and Independent Living makes 600 stick horses each year under the supervision of Ralph James. The horses are presented to kids in the audience preceding the festivities each night of the rodeo.

Harrison Roundup Club rodeo chairman Mark Hanshaw said the IPRA Rodeo this week will include several events other than just the rodeo.

The week begins with the annual Rodeo Parade beginning at 4 p.m. Thursday. It will start at the old junior high parking lot, north on Spring Street, west on Stephenson and then north on Main Street. Mayor Jerry Jackson is grand marshal.

The rodeo begins at 8 each night with pre-rodeo events starting at 7. That will include the Ozarks’ Renegades trick riders and Mutton Busting. Register children for Mutton Busting at Powell Feed and get all the rules there as well.

Pre-rodeo events will also include the Equity Bank Stick Horse Grand Entry all three nights for kids, in which 200 stick horses are scheduled to be given away each night.

Thursday night is family night. Tickets are $5 each and no advance are on sale for that event.

Hanshaw said advance tickets are on sale at all the usual outlets, but you can visit the website at harrisonroundupclub.org/rodeo.htm of the Roundup Club’s Facebook page for more about advance ticket sales.

Powell Feed will be giving away a $500 gift certificate each night. Register at the business, but you must be present to win.

The rodeo crew is also scheduled to be at Powell Feed from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday to meet fans and sign autographs.

Hanshaw said the Harrison rodeo was voted among the top five outdoor rodeos of the year and the best new IPRA rodeo, both in 2018.

He also said it’s the largest cash payout for all IPRA rodeos in the county at $3,000 per event.

Stock for the rodeo is provided by Hampton Rodeo Company.

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