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Our universe is so huge it’s really indescribable. We have planets and stars so far away, we haven’t even traveled to them yet. It’s only been in the last several years that a telescope was developed that could give us a window into the “far away,” but it still doesn’t reach the “end.”

And to think the one, true, living God spoke the world into existence. I can’t speak anything into existence — believe me I’ve tried!

When your traveling on a ship with 4,000 rooms full of people, the ship is huge. Yet, on the massive ocean the huge ship looks small. There is still plenty of ocean for lots of large ships to travel. And if we could only see under the surface of the ocean — how many miles deep is it?

I’ve been to the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado, some mountain tops in Costa Rica and Peru. No matter how high, how far or  how deep we can go, we can’t get away from God. 

When I envision the size of our world, and yet God uses his super zoom abilities to do something special for us — I’m amazed.

For example, we were with a group of friends for Sunday lunch. My husband makes the statement, “I may have to wrestle that lady for her sweatshirt.” Several said, “I want to see that!”

Well, I could tell they had been to church too, because of the prayer offered for their meal. But I couldn’t see the lady he was talking about. So on the way out, I found her and told her what he had said. She wasn’t worried, because she had an extra “Texan” football sweatshirt — just in case.

On Monday, he went to Main Street Merchandise — one of his favorite places to roam on his day off. He found a rack of football sweatshirts, but no Texans. He heard the announcement the store was closing. On his way to the front, he found another section of football shirts and one was on the ground. He picked it up, and was amazed that it was his favorite color, his size and his team! And very inexpensive! He was thrilled that God had provided something he “wanted.” He has plenty of warm clothes. It wasn’t a necessity. It was a desire. But the God of the universe (remember how big it is) took the time to give him a blessing — just for him. 

Now, here’s another blessing to share. The mother of a friend of mine passed away many years ago. On the day of her mother’s birthday, she was really missing her mom. A co-worker had gotten to work early and was putting on her makeup at work. My friend spotted a familiar sight — the same face powder container her mom had worn. She asked for a sniff, and sure enough it brought back the fragrance of her mother. Of course it brought tears to her eyes, but it made her feel so close to her mom, and so special because God had provided a long-forgotten memory to warm her heart.

God cares about the little things in our hearts. He does have a whole universe to run but He never gets too busy, to ignore our desires or needs. 

I think one of my favorite blessings is seeing God provide and answer prayers for my children and grandchildren. Another friend’s daughter needed a new freezer for her business. Someone “happened” to hear about her need and wanted to purchase it for the daughter. My friend was in tears of gratitude for God’s provision for her daughter.

My set of church keys were lost for two or three months. It really made me growl at myself every time I needed them, and didn’t have them. I knew they were in my vehicle and several people had helped me look everywhere in there — even with flashlights. I lost track of how many times I had looked to no avail. Then the last day I was going to be in town I prayed one more time. I really needed to give the copy of my post office box key to our associate so he could check church mail while we were gone. You know what happened. There they were. On the floor, right between the seat and the console. It might have been a little thing for someone else, but it was HUGE for me!!! 

Bottom line: God cares about each one of us and wants to be involved with us — moment by moment. He is waiting to hear from you. Get to know Him today.


Donna has written for the HDT for more than 19 years. When off the clock, she enjoys writing for children, teaching piano lessons and being a pastor's wife. The Braymers have three married sons and daughter-in-laws and 9 grandchildren.

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