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JASPER — It took some time, but the city of Jasper plans to conduct its first city-wide brush pickup beginning Monday, Jan. 27, and continuing through Friday, Jan. 31. It was announced at the city council's regular meeting held Thursday night.

Last year, a problem arose when the county's solid waste and recycling center began refusing to accept lawn waste such as clippings, leaves and brush citing the material as a fire danger. There are no permitted dumping locations in the county.

This is particularly a problem for municipalities and developments where there is a dense number of residences and businesses that generate lawn waste, but have nowhere to dispose of it. Open burning is not an advised alternative, Mayor Jan Larson reported to the council at the time.

Larson kept an eye open for equipment for sale and came across a wood chipper for sale last October. The council approved the purchase from another municipality for $2,000. An additional $500 was spent to make repairs to the machine.

Public Works supervisor Jacob Collins said residents will have to move the brush to the curb as the city cannot allow its employees to go on to private property. The brush must be cut into sections no more than four feet in length or it will not be picked up.

The brush will be transported to city property where the chipper will convert it into usable mulch that will be used by the city and made available, free, to anyone who wants it.

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