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Jeff Brasel/Staff 

The Daily Times is accepting photos of children from birth to age 4 for a “Costumed Cuties 2021” calendar.

What’s cuter than a baby photo? The Harrison Daily Times is publishing a “Costumed Cuties 2021” calendar and asking for the best pictures of the community’s children from birth to age 4 to be chosen as the themed photo of each month.

Publisher Jim Perry said, “You can even raid your family album if you have an outstanding photo of a child who is currently older.”

Advertising representative Barbara Dean said, “When we presented this opportunity to our advertisers, they loved it because it’s babies. Babies make cute pictures.”

Parents and grandparents are welcome to partner with a professional photographer to submit photos. Permission does have to be granted by the parent. 

Sheri Underdown, advertising representative said, “Some of my customers remember previous calendars and are really glad we are bringing them back.” 

“I hope people will get creative and set the scene for a great photo. Our staff member, Jeff Brasel had a great time with his grandson, Harley, setting up a photo shoot. The front page of the Daily Times Sports section which happened to have his column showing was being held by Harley who was dressed as an old-fashioned reporter,” graphic designer Sherry Zollo said.

Bring in a photo of your cutie and wait a few minutes for the photo to be scanned, or it can be picked up the next day. Or email with a high-resolution photo. For questions call Zollo at (870) 743-0619.

Sheri Underdown and Barbara Dean say there is still space to advertise your business in the calendar. Call Underdown at (870) 416-5266 or Dean at (870) 416-7357. The staff desires to have winners chosen by the end of October and winners notified. So, don’t delay sending in your cutie. Winners will receive a gift basket of local items and gift cards plus a Daily Times subscription. Photos will not be used for any other promotion or product. Additional details can be found in the Daily Times ad for the contest.

The keepsake calendar will be distributed to all advertisers free of charge and available for anyone to pick up at the front desk of the Daily Times. After publication, calendars can be mailed by calling the main office at (870) 741-2325.


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