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MARSHALL -- Marshall Police Chief Lang Holland has resigned amid hate-filled social media posts asking fellow Trump supporters to “hang” Democrats in response to the apparent defeat of the president’s reelection bid.

Holland posted the comments on the website, which describes itself thus: “Speak freely and express yourself openly, without fear of being ‘deplatformed’ for your views. Engage with real people, not bots. Parler is people and privacy-focused, and gives you the tools you need to curate your Parler experience.”

The posts appear to be published after media networks began calling the election in favor of former Vice President Joe Biden. One said:

“When this is over and Trump is president for 4 more years. Do not go to sleep. Do not forget what these Marxist Democrat b-----ds have tried to do. When you see one in public get in their face do not give them any peace. Throw water on them at restaurants. Push them off sidewalks. Never let them forget they are traitors and have no right to live in this Republic after what they have done.”

Another went even further.

“Hang all these Marxist Democrats now,” the post said. “The FBI and CIA are Marxist organizations working to overthrow the Republic.”

Posts show Holland also shared a meme apparently from the QAnon movement that said, “WE ARE LITERALLY REFIGHTING THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR.”

But perhaps the most threatening post was the earliest one the Daily Time can find. It said:

“Every patriotic American should work overtime to totally destroy the Democratic Party F--K THESE B-----DS show no mercy to them and all who follow them. Smash the homes and property Smash their pathetic lives. Run them out of this country.”

Marshall Mayor Kevin Elliott released a statement Saturday saying Marshall is a welcoming municipality and does not espouse Holland’s views.

“The Marshall community does not in any way support or condone bullying or threats of violence to anyone of any political persuasion!” the statement said. “We condemn it!”

The statement said Holland agreed to resign Saturday and he is no longer employed by the city.

Holland was a Searcy County deputy in October 2014 when he and Arkansas State Police Trooper Buster Rinks were dispatched to a report of an armed man holding hostages at Serenity Farms Bread store just south of Leslie.

According to Arkansas State Police, Rinks and Holland were aware the scene was volatile and involved possible hostages. After entering the building Holland observed a man with a gun in close proximity to a potential hostage, the ASP said in May 2015.

Holland ordered the man to drop the weapon and at that point the man pointed his weapon at Holland and fired. The bullet struck Holland in the hip and Rinks quickly responded with return fire at the armed gunman, which provided cover fire for the injured deputy.

When Holland perceived the subject was intent on inflicting further harm, he also returned fire.

Following the gun battle, Rinks secured the wounded suspect and then administered first aid to Holland as well as the wounded gunman. The efforts of Rinks and Holland in the Serenity Farms incident safeguarded local citizens and deterred an armed gunman intent on causing harm.

State Police said both Holland and the suspect, 75-year-old John Kolata, were airlifted from the scene to a hospital in Little Rock.

Holland was released a couple of days later, but Kolata remained hospitalized and eventually died in late October.

ASP honored Rinks with the Medal of Valor in May 2015 and Holland was given the Distinguished Service award.

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don't forget to terminate the pension benefits.


Why are people like this allowed to "resign" instead of being arrested an charged with sedition and incitement of murder?


We don’t need you in any public forum. You need to take a hard look at yourself.

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