The general public — residents of the City of Harrison and those individuals who reside outside of the Harrison city limits — will soon have the opportunity to attend a Public Forum scheduled to allow citizens to discuss the pros and cons of the proposed new Harrison Recreation Center.

Scheduled to begin at 7 the Durand Center in Harrison on Tuesday evening, Oct. 29, the forum will allow those in attendance to hear comments from city officials, other city residents and other individuals living outside of Harrison concerning the positives and negatives of the proposed $39.9 million project.

Participants will also be provided opportunities to ask questions, offer comments and/or to provide suggestions concerning the proposal by the City of Harrison to construct and maintain a recreation center designed for youth and adults.

The second and last of two such Public Forums, the October meeting is being sponsored by the Transparency in Government Group (TIGG) of Boone County in cooperation with the Moving Harrison Forward Organization, a group of local citizens who have combined their efforts to generate funds for the promotion of citizen interest in the city’s proposed project.

Free refreshments will be available to all who attend this informative event, and important relevant handouts will be provided to each participant. A list of questions will be made available for each forum attendee, and it is anticipated that such questions will help stimulate additional comments and/or suggestions from those attending the meeting.

Serving as panelists during the Public Forum will be: Kim Markowski, career specialist with Goodwill Industries; Jerry Jackson, mayor of the City of Harrison; Rick Schoenberger, local businessman and owner of Back Street Trader; Luke Feigert, finance director for the City of Harrison; Jeff Crockett, former Harrison mayor; Chuck Eddington, director of the City’s Parks and Recreation Department; Bill Michel, former Boone County Quorum Court member; Wade Philips, City public works director; Dr. Angela Olsen, a former public school administrator and member of the instructional staff at North Arkansas College; and Rick Elumbaugh, mayor of the City of Batesville.

Questions and comments from those in attendance at the forum will be encouraged, and an attempt will be made to have every citizen’s questions answered before the meeting is adjourned.

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Don’t forget to vote a high turnout is needed. November 5-8, 11, 12, 2019 - City of Harrison Special election 8 am - 4:30 pm

At the Boone County Election Center


All the meetings talk about everything but the fact that outside Harrison voters have no say and it will cost them a plenty - Looks like after it passes the 65 hwy to Branson will get a lot more traffic[scared]


The majority of people are against this mainly due to the excessive cost. Those promoting the tax increases are hoping that by having a special election, the voter turnout will be much lower than a general election would be and that the issues will pass. GET OUT AND VOTE against this monstrosity.


As this plan stands now, everyone who shops in Harrison - regardless of where they live - will be paying for this project. Yet only the residents of Harrison are allowed to vote on this project. That is not fair! All citizens of Boone County should be allowed to vote on it. Remember, Mayor Jerry Jackson is still selling real estate and his realty company stands to gain from the sales of homes to the influx of prospective new people he is expecting to move into Harrison and Boone County if this new facility is built.

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