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Monday is the last day for early voting in the preferential primary, but Boone County Election Commission member Arlon Hickman said he isn’t sure people realize how important it is for reasons other than the presidential race.

During the primary election, political parties choose the candidate they want to represent them in the November general election.

But this election is also the school election for the entire year and the non-partisan judicial election.

Voters in the Alpena School District will choose between current school board president Kenny Underdown and challenger Lynette Cantwell.

Valley Springs School patrons will choose between Amy Deaton, Michael Watkins and Terry Ware for an open seat.

No matter what school district you live in, a question asking voters to approve the property tax millage rate will be on your ballot. No schools in Boone County are asking for millage increases. So, even if the tax question fails, the rate reverts to the previous year’s rate and there will be no change.

The only race in the judicial election is for an open seat on the Arkansas Supreme Court in the race between Judge Morgan “Chip” Welch and Barbara Womack Webb. It’s a state-wide race.

“It is my opinion that the election of the state Supreme Court judge is equal in importance to the election of candidates for president,” Hickman said in an email.

Early voting is being held at the Boone County Election Center from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, March 2.

Tuesday is election days when polls will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. The Boone County Election Center will be open that day, but other polling locations are:

• Alpena City Hall.

• Bellefonte City Hall.

• Bergman City Hall.

• Burlington Baptist Church.

• Cottonwood Fire Department.

• Capps Trinity Baptist Church.

• Diamond City City Hall.

• Hilltop Fire Department.

• Lead Hill First Baptist Church.

• Omaha City Hall.

• Valley Springs Water Department.

• Woodland Heights Baptist Church.

In Boone County, any eligible registered voter can cast a ballot at any open polling location on election day.

Results of early and absentee voting will not be released until all polling places close Tuesday night.

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