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Teachers, staff, parents and even some students at Skyline Heights Elementary School held a parade Thursday to remind students they aren’t forgotten, but also for the good will of the community.

With schools closed down for the immediate future under a state order, students are doing work from alternate method of instruction packets, what parent know so well as AMI.

The gathering of vehicles, some brightly decorated and some with signs — and people — hanging from windows, started from the school about 9 a.m. The parade went north on Eugene, east on Sherman, then south on Maple, long considered a through street even though technically residential.

First-grade teachers Mary Cecil and Dallas Reading and second-grade teacher Kacey Young were in one vehicle. Cecil was armed with a bullhorn to greet people along the parade route.

Cecil said there were students and parents along the route that wound through each one of the major subdivisions within the Skyline zone, but there were also former students who are now in high school and elderly residents as well.

Some of those along the route had made signs to greet the parade and messages were drawn in chalk on driveways, Cecil said.

Cecil said it was more than just for students. The staff felt as though the community needed a morale boost. They also wanted to support parents who have stepped up to help their children with schoolwork.

But the children were still the focus.

“We wanted our students to know they are loved, that no virus can keep us apart, that they’re always in our hearts,” Cecil said.

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