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hmm. 46 total votes, padded for the 4 day week and only 2 comments.
And we have a 25 million $ school bond to pay off and the opposition is wanting a 4 day week....Their reason, In order to save finances.. The only savings I see are the busing / transportation costs.
Assuming that a 4 day week would have the same amount of total school hours as a 5 day week, 2 additional hours per day would have to be added to the child's schedule.
Even though "kids" seem to have lot of excess energy, they seem to tire quickly, especially the earlier grades. I can't envision a 4 day school week as practical.
But then, I can't get my head around brick and mortar education, now, much less in 10 more years.


Just one more step in the continuation of the "dumbing down" that has been happening for years in public schools across the country.

Old Arkie

I don't suppose it would have anything to do with teachers/staff getting a 3 day weekend, would it? Utilities wouldn't change. Salaries can't change, in fact, they are set to go up next year. extra day of leisure for students would inconvenience parents and make it harger for student to remember where they left off! I'm thinking a 6 day school week will give better grades and make students more competitive when entering college or the work force!

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