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“The power is out.” That’s the phrase none of us like to hear — but it occasionally happens. Wednesday we woke up with a couple thousand other people to no electricity. 

I skipped workout class that morning because I wasn’t sure about finding clothes in the dark. After resting another hour, I told myself I had to get up and get ready for work — dark house or not.

I turned on the flashlight app from my phone and turned my phone upside down so it would illuminate the whole room so I could shower. Of course my body parts have been around a while, so it’s pretty easy to shower in the dark. What I found difficult was the fine details of applying makeup. I did the basics and gathered the rest to apply later at work. 

The next difficult task was to remember which pants had a black background in the design, or a navy background. I think I chose correctly because no one laughed at me — at least that I know of!

Now in our house, when the power goes off, it's a strict rule that no one opens the freezer or the refrigerator doors. Everything stays in good shape if you don’t open the door. So that meant no scrambled eggs or iced tea. So I headed for Hardees. I thought about picking something up for the husband, but then I remembered he loves PopTarts and he could eat that. What I forgot is the little square thing he likes to use to warm them up … has a cord that requires electricity. Oh well.

How many light switches did you turn on even though you knew the power was out? I remember when the boys were little and the power was out, I thought why not vacuum? I’ll use this time wisely — ha! It takes power, too. (Thankfully, I don’t have those cleaning thoughts very often any more!)

In my chronological Bible reading program, we just passed the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. When He returns to the people He tells them to stay and wait for the power of the Holy Spirit to come upon them.

Today, when a person accepts Jesus Christ into their heart, they also get the package deal of the Holy Spirit to convict us when we sin, and to lead and guide us in the direction God would have us go.

We are foolish to try to operate 10 minutes without God’s power. When you wake up with a heart beating, you still have a job to do for God. If you let sinful desires and thoughts control your life, you have clouded the job of the Spirit with sin and you aren’t operating with all of God’s power in your favor.

Think about how helpless you feel in the dark. There are certain things you just can’t do well when you can’t see any light. It’s dangerous to your pinky toes if you walk around and can’t see the furniture. It’s very dangerous if you forget to turn on your headlights when you drive. Light is important.

Keep that relationship with the Holy Spirit where it needs to be. When He nudges you to confess the evil thought you just had — do it. When he nudges you to invite that person to church — do it. Keep the spiritual electricity on in your life. You’ve got a job to do that requires God’s light. 

If you don’t have a relationship with God yet, you’re living in horrible darkness all the time. Jesus Christ died for you and wants to give you eternal life and wants you to let God’s light shine in your life. Don’t live without power.

Donna has written for the HDT for more than 19 years. When off the clock, she enjoys writing for children, teaching piano lessons and being a pastor's wife. The Braymers have three married sons and daughter-in-laws and 9 grandchildren.

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