1) Mayor never sees the Agenda before it is distributed or is allowed to know what is on the agenda prior to a council meeting. Items are left off the Agenda with a supplement sheet as to why instead of the whole council hearing and voting yah or nay instead of a select few.

2) Disciplinary action: Not one council member or citizen has spoken with me about any disciplinary action yet it is listed on the Agenda for an Executive session is called for disciplinary discussion.

3) Finance Report: - May 9th Stephanie Martin was voted for the Interim Treasurer position and was to be paid an additional $1.00 an hour. Keisha Bell at that time was turned down. One of the council members became upset and walked out of the executive session because the vote didn’t go his way yet conveniently we have no audio or minutes (and many have requested it many times) to prove this. We hired a CPA firm as agreed upon by the council so where is the $14,800 coming from to pay Keisha Bell to be Treasurer who said she would work for zero pay and was sworn in and signed a contract for $14,800.00 in an illegal meeting?

4) Jane Henderson and Carolyn Arnold have not been removed from the bank because proper action has not been taken.

5) Bank Signers – removing a council member who has been dedicated to the city for many years off just because of a vendetta is very unprofessional to me and is not warranted.

6) New Business – is really old business because most no longer applies or the time frame has expired or is past due.

7) Budget: One thing the council is in control of is to set the budget and amend it based on the city needs. A budget meeting has been called several times but council refuses to attend. On September 3, I set a budget meeting to amend the existing budget and a council member chose to cancel it and put it on the September 10th meeting. The September 3rd meeting was called a waste of council member’s time when it could be added to the 10th yet no budget amendment is on the agenda only to set another date and time??

8) Ordinance and Resolutions are being signed by the recorder who has resigned at least 5 times and seem to rescind her resignations when it is put on an agenda to be accepted. She has not been in the office more than 10 times since January 1, 2019 and holds a full time position at the Sherriff’s office in Harrison at the same time she should be at a city desk. The people elected her to do a job in Diamond City yet she has appointed a private citizen as deputy recorder when there is no position in City Hall for that job description. Yet this deputy recorder signs city certified papers as acting recorder and the “so called” recorder signs as acting mayor.

9) The Treasurer report in this packet is so over board and a waste of tax payers dollars for paper. These records are on hand for anyone who wants to see them. The council has already requested the records through a FOIA requests several time yet we spend more time and money to put them in a packet instead of using what they already have.

I deeply encourage the citizens of Diamond City to drop by or make an appointment with me to ask questions, look at the books or express any concerns they might have. The rumors, half-truths and false accusations along with a petition going around town is just that…false. The city is an open book, I filed a law suit so that the courts could decide and lay all the rumors to rest. We have a beautiful little town and we need to put it back on the map and in a positive light and conduct city business as a municipality not cast a negative and dim view of our city. It hurts everyone.

For these reasons mentioned above (which are only a few) I will not be taking part in any meetings that have already been discussed by a small private group, behind closed doors meeting instead of by a full council in an open public meeting. Hopefully the courts will put us on the docket as soon as possible since it is the Attorney General’s, the Municipal League and the former City Attorney’s opinions seems to have no impact on the unlawful decisions and behavior that has been taking place.

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