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A group called Equality Revolution has been circulating this flier calling for protest of a billboard that appeared on the Bypass this week.

A billboard that appeared this week on the Bypass near Vine Street has drawn a lot of controversy and even a protest by some area activists.

The sign reads “Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.” It appeared directly below a radio station’s billboard, but the station had its sign removed to avoid any association.

A representative of Equality Revolution, which was described as more of a movement and mindset than organization, told the Daily Times that students at North Arkansas College had volunteered to pass out fliers calling for a protest of the sign.

The representative asked that her identity not be used because she had gone up against racist groups in the past, which was followed by death threats to her and her family and threats to her residence.

The fliers, which began circulating this week, call for people to protest the sign at its location and at Harrison Sign Company, the owner of the structure.

Harrison Sign Company's phone was busy at the time of this report.

The flier states, “Stand together against racism and against the injustice and crimes that are being committed against humanity and this town.”

“Raise awareness of the cause and help support our mission succeed by showing your support for peacefully protesting the sign and the company that allowed the production of the sign.”

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He probably just suffered from being white.


Was Eeyore a donkey or a troll? [beam]


Yeah, we white folk sure got it rough. Woe is me...


The focus of diversity is always on majority white towns, I don't see anyone trying to bring in more white people to Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Miami just to name a few.


Ironic that one group is using their freedom of speech to complain about someone else's. The only race mentioned was white. I believe in equality however the tables have turned. Christians and whites are the only ones that can be discriminated against without consequence.
Do we not see people playing race cards for political gain and to promote personal and demographic agendas? That shouldn't be the case, they should be judged by content and character but that's not good enough for many.


........said the two racists


Funny how diversity (being a net "good") is ONLY for white countries.
Funny how ONLY whites are branded "RACIST!" for PC non-compliance
Funny how non-white neighborhoods, schools, and countries are good, but whites can't have any of those things
Funny how genocide is an international crime until it happens to whites.

It's all so "funny".

Stop Eurocide Worldwide

Cleric Preston

@ 'hvnagdtme'
Calling disagreement 'Hate' is childish. As it has been decreed that I may not comment on the destruction of my race or nation through 'anti-racism' I shall say no more. As all commentary on White Genocide is deemed 'racism' I will not comment on that, either.


As an Arkansan, I am completely appalled that any business would support (regardless of profit) this type of hatred - regardless of free speech. Unfortunately, this type of ignorance exists in or world today, but it is hard for me to understand how people can be so brainwashed. Shame on the sign company for taking these racists' money and posting such a billboard. I hope they never see another dollar of profit again.

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