I’m quickly writing this at 6 am, before another 12+ hour shift literally sweating through clothes because it’s so hot under the protective gear. None of which, nor what follows, is meant to be self-serving or arrogant. I’m just doing a job, just like everyone else. There’s nothing special a… Read more

Greetings from Capps. Last Saturday was the unofficial start of Spring, what a lovely day. I saw lots of people outside enjoying the nice weather. We got home from church last Sunday and were just about to sit down for lunch when a call came in over the pager. Capps Batavia Fire responded to… Read more

Carl and I hosted our quarterly International Convention of Faith Ministry meeting last Saturday evening. This is the organization we are licensed with for ministry. We were blessed with fifteen attendees at the meeting. The funeral services for Pastor Morna Stone’s brother, Rex Martin, was … Read more

We are all happy to see some signs of spring now that March is here. Along with the official beginning of spring, March is also when we observe National Women’s History Month, National Irish-American Heritage Month, National Nutrition Month, and more. There is a whole world of knowledge at y… Read more

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