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James L. White/Staff

Harrison Mayor Jerry Jackson hands out fliers advertising the city-wide cleanup while visiting the monthly City Advertising and Tourism Promotion Commission meeting.

The city-wide cleanup with Orion Waste Solutions will begin Monday, April 29, with curbside pick-up.

Workers will spend a week in each of the city’s four wards. Pick up will begin early Monday morning in each ward, so all items should be placed near the curb the previous Sunday.

A press release said there will be only one pass through each street.

The cleanup will begin in Ward 3, the southeast part of the city, from April 29-May 3. Ward 4, the northeast part of the city, will be May 6-10. Ward 1, the southwest part of the city, will be May 13-17, and Ward 2, the northwest part of the city, will be May 20-24.

Harrison Mayor Jerry Jackson said Thursday morning that Orion has agreed to put a roll-off container in each ward during the week of the cleanup there. He said his office routinely gets calls from citizens wondering in what ward they live. “And that’s fine,” he added.

Jackson also said the city may be “a little aggressive” in making sure yards are cleared of debris that has been piling up. He said it’s not fair to neighbors if some properties are cluttered with junk.

Items that will be accepted are:

Clothes, carpet, fencing, furniture, mattresses and box springs, non-Freon containing appliances, toys, tools, bicycles (without tires), push/self-propelled lawn mowers, metal (short lengths) and lumber (four-foot lengths).

Items that won’t be accepted are:

Tires, batteries, paint, liquid waste, construction material, automobiles and automobile parts, Freon-containing appliances, dehumidifiers, guns and ammunition, concrete and dirt, bricks and blocks, electronics, yard waste, leaves and grass clippings.

EDITOR’S NOTE: To determine your ward number, visit www.voterview.org and use the “Registration Information” tab to enter your name and date of birth. That will show which precinct, or ward, in which you live. The mayor’s office can be reached at (870) 741-2777.

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