It wasn’t really a police pursuit, but two men were arrested Thursday after the pickup they were in ran through the office of Williams Trailer Sales just south of Harrison on Highway 65 that morning.

According to Harrison Police Capt. Clint Toliver, Patrolman Kenneth Breger was parked near the intersection of Walnut and Main about 1:30 Thursday morning when he saw a white pickup run through the stop sign at Nicholson and Main, then turn south on Main at an elevated speed.

Breger took off from his location, but the pickup was nearing the top of Harrison Hill by the time he rounded the curve near Minnie Harrison Park, Toliver said.

As Breger topped the hill, the pickup was still southbound on Main, but he didn’t get close enough to get a license plate number or to see who was driving, Toliver said.

Breger continued southbound and saw damage to a utility pole beside Highway 65 just north of Williams Trailer Sales. He checked for any lines down and also saw a cloud of dust in the area of the business’ office, Toliver said.

Police Chief Chris Graddy said the pickup left the roadway near the south city limits, hit a mailbox, snapped the utility pole in half, hit two trailers on the lot, ran through the building and hit another pickup parked on the lot.

When Breger arrived at that scene, no one was around the vehicle.

A few minutes later, officers located a 20-year-old man walking in the area. Toliver said the pickup belonged to that subject.

Toliver said the man told police that a relative had been driving the pickup at the time, but officers searched the area and didn’t locate anyone else at the time.

However, Graddy said officers did locate the other subject, a 21-year-old man, and discovered that he was actually the driver when the incident occurred. Both were still in custody Thursday.

Graddy said officers have filed for felony criminal mischief and fleeing charges, so the names of the two men weren’t being released Thursday afternoon.

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