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Adam White with Garver Engineering signs some contracts with the Boone County Regional Airport board of directors after their monthly meeting Tuesday. The next meeting is set for Tuesday, Sept. 10.

It could look like a cop and robber chase scene from the movies at the airport next week.

The Harrison Police Department will be hosting a Tactical Vehicle Intervention Training on the runway of the airport on Monday-Wednesday, Aug. 26-28.

The Boone County Regional Airport board of directors met for the monthly meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 20.

“The police will bring the vehicles out on Sunday afternoon and begin training on Monday,” airport manager Judy McCutcheon told the board. “I don’t mind the bumping and spinning on the runway because it’s time for a new seal coat and that will cover up the tire marks.

“The police department will move the vehicles if an airplane is coming in, so it won’t disrupt any of our service. This will be a great place for them to host the training,” she said.

McCutcheon updated the board on the upcoming “Celebration in the Sky,” Sept. 6-7 at the airport.

“I need for you to know that if the wind on the field is above five knots, we will move the tethered rides across the street,” she said. “That field has been mowed by lawnmowers and will continue to be, just in case it is needed. It’s in good shape, and we appreciate the help of the county loaning us the 309 inmates to provide the labor. We will also have the assistance of law enforcement to make sure it is very safe for everyone to cross the street.”

Other activities at the airport will include a concert on Friday night, helicopter rides, the CASA kids fest and the tandem skydiving sponsored by Rotary. Food and retail vendors will be available, too. Check the Facebook page for a schedule and any last-minute weather changes.

The Kendall Fowler fly-in is set for pilots to receive extra training while their aircraft is on display during the event. “We are grateful for our sponsors, Chad Simpson and Jim Sprott who each contributed $500 for our pilot luncheon. The pilots’ donations for lunch will go toward the fundraiser for the medical expenses of local pilot, Kendal Fowler. Southern Airways and Hertz have both made donations for the event and we look forward to having the public here at the airport.”

In old news, McCutcheon reported she had received a letter from Washington, D.C. that postponed the updated PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicators) runway lighting system. “The letter said they would put the project on hold and reconsider the proposal in 2020.”

McCutcheon had said in previous meetings this was a project the FAA initiated for the pilots. “But no worries, VASI (visual approach slope indicator) is functional.”

Adam White with Garver Engineering said the 80/20 grant for the hangar access road is on track. “We met with the college and they will do some work next week, but the majority will start after the September festival. The project will take most of the semester for the heavy equipment class. We’ve met with Entergy to see how we will power the new electronic gates. The county has already been stockpiling dirt for the project and we are appreciative of their help.”

McCutcheon also wanted the board to know the new board table was from Matt Bell and Explore Harrison. “He’s been here for so many Balloon Festival meetings, and he thought we could use an extra table he had in storage. So, we now have a new table. Thank you, Matt.”

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