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Rehabilitation of the taxiway and ramp at the Boone County Regional Airport recently began, which included replacing a section of asphalt with concrete where Southern Airways parks between daily flights.

Rehabilitation of the taxiway and ramp at the Boone County Regional Airport recently began and progress is showing.

Airport manager Judy McCutcheon recently told the airport board that funding for the design phase of the project through a grant in 2018 had been closed out the end of August.

The Federal Aviation Administration’s portion of funding was $41,128, while the Arkansas Department of Aeronautics’ portion was $2,165. That left the airport’s portion of the project at $0.46.

The actual work to seal cracks and apply a sealing coat began this week. It was approved through state/federal grants this year.

The total cost of the project is $487,334, with the FAA’s portion at $462,967 and the state’s share at $24,367. She said the airport will carry the state’s portion and be reimbursed 100% when the project is completed.

One part of the first phase of the project is expected to take about eight days depending on weather and will see some work done at the terminal ramp.

McCutcheon said asphalt will be removed from a large section of the terminal ramp and be replaced with concrete. That’s where Southern Airways parks the aircraft between daily flights.

She said the asphalt develops dips where the plane is parked and they’ve tried to fix it without success.

“So, we’re just digging that out and it’s going to be concrete, so we won’t have to worry about that ever again,” McCutcheon said.

During closure of the terminal ramp, Southern Airways has access to the fixed base operator ramp, but it shouldn’t be more than a few days. Passengers will walk down the driveway instead of the sidewalk to the terminal ramp.

McCutcheon said she would notify board members as each phase of the project is completed. Those different phases were designed to amount to as little disruption to airport services as possible.

“It’s just going to be a little inconvenience, but it’ll be well worth it when it’s done,” McCutcheon said.

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