Nelson Ragland was the barber of four generations beginning with Perry Eugene Wheeler, 91, Western Grove, his son Larry Eugene Wheeler, 65, and grandson Jamie Eugene Wheeler, 33, and great-grandson William-Henry Eugene Wheeler, 4. The older men have been going to Nelson’s barber shop for 30 … Read more

Clair hired out to Bob punchin’ cows. Clair soon realized it was more like working at a wild game park than a cattle farm. Two square miles of rollin’ western Minnesota pasture. Bob never knew how many cows he had. “It doesn’t matter if you count’em in the Fall,” he’d say, “It’s what comes b… Read more

Hello everyone. Well it is getting dryer by the day and the temperatures keep climbing. I hope and pray for rain soon but I thought I would share some drought management information for pastures with you just in case. Read more

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