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Chris and Emily Carroll have joined the Harrison community. Chris works with Joni Chy (back) at SERC Therapy and Emily works at the law firm of Sprott, Golden and Bardwell.

Chris and Emily Carroll are the latest young professionals to make Harrison their new home. They’ve been married for a little over two years, and have been in Harrison for about five weeks.

Chris grew up in Nashville, Arkansas and Emily in Dover. The two met while they were working in the campus gym at the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) and recently graduated.

“It really was a God thing,” Chris said. “We both had job offers, so we came up one weekend to look for a house and found one we loved. We went back to Conway and put our home on the market and it sold in a week.”

“The community came together,” Joni Chy, SERC Physical Therapy clinic director said. 

“We are grateful to our realtor and banker, who made it all come together,” Chris said.

“I met Joni and Trevor at a career fair at UCA. The feel of the company, SERC Therapy, really drew me in, plus they had an opening. SERC places a large emphasis on continuing education and continuing to grow,” he said.

“The mission and vision of SERC is just above and beyond what most out-patient companies are like. It was refreshing to me to see that in a large company,” he said.

Chy said, “SERC still has the uniqueness of partnerships and community based ownership. I have seen lots of changes in the industry.”

“We are becoming our own, autonomous profession. We encourage patients to seek PT first, then we have more of a clinical reasoning and differential diagnosis as needed,” Chy said.

Is physical therapy sometimes an option before surgery? 

“Yes,” Chy said. “It saves time, money and unneeded diagnostic testing. Sometimes patients fall through the cracks in the healthcare system. We get to spend a good amount of time with our patients and we get a good snapshot and comprehensive assessment of what they have going on. It’s not just a quick check and run tests.”

“I had some extra classes in manual therapy and a certification in blood-flow restriction training,” he said. “You could read my resume and see the direction I wanted to go.”

“One thing I was looking for, was someone that had a growth mindset,” Chy said. “Looking to learn and be progressive in their skill set down the road and be community minded. I hit the jackpot with these two.”

Chris said he got excited about exercise and fitness in the 8th grade and did some research on the careers available. “I thought physical therapy looked awesome and knew I would love it. Then as a senior in high school, I blew out my knee and tore my ACL. I got real up close and personal with intense physical therapy for two months after my knee reconstruction. So that’s when I decided for sure that’s what I wanted to do.”

“I am a legal assistant for the Sprott, Golden and Bardwell Law Firm,” Emily said. “I love the community. The law firm is very community oriented and passionate about Harrison. Seeing their passion for the area, has helped our transition. It’s been a wonderful experience.”

“Emily has been a welcomed addition to our legal team. She brings knowledge, experience, and a sweet disposition that our clients already love.  We are grateful that she and Chris moved to town,” law firm partner, Kelsey Bardwell said.

Chy opened SERC Therapy four years ago with more than 20 years of experience in her field.

“Electronic medical records and documentation have changed the industry a lot during the past 20 years. Now we are getting back to our hands and valuing skilled manual therapy. I see us trending that way, and that’s what sets us apart.”

“I had been looking for an additional therapist and everything just came together,” Chy said.  “Now the clinic has a staff of eight.”

“Since we opened four years ago, we’ve been able to expand our hours and add staff to better serve our community, patients and their needs,” Chy said.

“I’ve had the opportunity to mentor several orthopedic residents and students, within our partnership. We’ve also been able to acquire even more skill sets and several evidence-based treatment approaches,” Chy said.

“It's been so unbelievably rewarding to open the clinic,” Chy said. “You get to really touch your community and it’s the best thing to see people get better. They come in, and then you get to see the end result. Seeing them return to doing things they want to do is very rewarding and exciting. It’s not just the physical side, but it’s the emotional and physiological component that we are really passionate about. We want to create a great experience for them.”

Chy is a Bergman graduate. “Being from the area, having family and friends here is a nice. I like being able to treat my home town.”

Chy also been able to teach some at Southwest Baptist and mentor their students as well.

“Research shows the job market is wide open for PT. It’s a great field to get into,” he said.

“Unfortunately, pain and injuries happen every day,” Chy said.

“Physical therapy is stepping into the position of being just as beneficial as pain relievers —  such as opioids,” he said. “With the opioid crisis, this is very positive news.”

“That awareness is a great change for our industry,” Chy said.

SERC Therapy patients don’t have to have a referral. “Some insurance companies do require it, but a patient can call and we can check,” Chy said.

“Through this whole experience of moving to Harrison, it has been extremely refreshing. It’s crazy the steps that have happened. From Joni, our banker, our realtor, they have made this extremely easy. There aren’t many places you can stop at a gas station, and the driver of the car next to you will start talking.”

“The timeline was definitely God orchestrated. It just fell into place,” Chy said.

“I’m so grateful we felt comfortable for us to get out of our comfort zone. God specifically gave me peace about coming here. I’m glad we came to Harrison,” Emily said.

“Now that we are here, there are so many things to do. Harrison is the central place for so many activities. It’s a prime location. We love it,” he said.

SERC Therapy has flexible hours, usually from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The phone number is (870) 704-4076 and is located at 1409 Hwy. 62/65 North. Suite 4.




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