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Donna Braymer/Staff   

Gwen Hoffmann, chairman (from left), Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce; Lion members Charles Adair, Tom Benton, Judy McCutcheon, Jill Criner, Lion president; Wes Bradford, Ralph Gene Hudson, Lou Ann Sutton, David McCaleb, H.K. McCaleb and Chamber president, Bob Largent attended the Lions Club flag presentation.

“We want the lobby of the Chamber to look professional when anyone drops by. We are concerned about first impressions,” Bob Largent, president of the Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce said.

When the staff began moving around furniture and changing the look of the lobby, Largent noticed they didn’t have a U.S. or Arkansas flag.

“I’m very thankful to the Lions Club and their willingness to step up and help us make the Chamber office more professional,” Largent said.

He pointed to the new flags on beautiful flag stands. “These are beautiful and purchased as a set. They are as professional as you can get  — except we didn’t get the solid brass flag stands,” the group laughed when he added, “Those were $3,000.”

Lions past president Tom Benton and current Lions president Jill Criner and several other Lions were in attendance for the presentation. When asked why they provided this for the Chamber, they replied, “We serve.”

“I had a discussion with Bob and realized the Chamber need a flag, so I went before our board and they agreed it would be a good thing to do,” Benton said. “When someone makes a request, we try to fulfill it,” Benton said.

“The Chamber has changed a lot in the last year and it started about two years ago, when the board made some strategic decisions that we would be ‘business folks,’ and ‘economic development folks’ and part of that is making our Chamber front door looking like a professional business. There are no more lounge chairs, vibrating recliners/loungers in the lobby. We now have business chairs. With first impressions, we want this area to have the right kind of first impressions. A few weeks ago, we had the CEO of FedEx Freight here in this lobby for three hours and we sat down and talked. That’s the kind of thing we want to do. We are trying to make the first impression of Harrison and Boone County and the community look good.”

Largent introduced Lloyd Mchoney who started working one hour before the presentation as the “manager of first impressions” for the Chamber.

Lion Wes Bradford said, “Our motto is ‘we serve.’ One of our things is flags. So it was appropriate. We do the flags in front of the businesses around town. The flags on the square court park is shared with other civic organizations.”

“We are very grateful to the Lions Club. Thank you very much,” Largent said.



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