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Donna Braymer/Staff   

The 2020 Harrison District Board of Directors are Ryan Caughron, (from left back row) past president; Vixon James, 2020 president; Chris Parks, president elect; Jeff Pratt, director, Travis Arnold, out-going board member; Kendra Bruce, secretary/treasurer; Greg Morris, director; and Diane Mitchell, director. 

The Harrison District Board of Realtors met Tuesday, Dec. 10, for their annual Christmas luncheon and installation of 2020 officers at Quality Inn.

The in-coming president 2020 president, Vixon James said,  “I want to thank Ryan Caughron for being our president this past year and thank Travis Arnold as he rolls off the board after seven years of service. I know he will continue to be involved with the committees.

James also welcomed Kendra Bruce to the board. “We look forward to Kendra serving with us and helping us conduct our business.”

James reminded the crowd that local Realtor, Bob Dodson is the association’s state president elect. “We look forward to Bob’s year as he continues to be our ears and eyes for us. In addition to him serving the whole state in his capacity, we are fortunate to have him on the lookout for us with issues and concerns we will have.”

James also thanked Jeff Pratt for his continued service as zone director. “He’s very good at being vocal and representing our concerns and issues,” James said.

“We also have Mellisa Leal and Mellisa Collins serving us on state committees for us. With all of our busy schedules, and the extra time it takes to go to state meetings, we appreciate all of you who try to make this organization better. As a small board, it’s important that we stay in tune at the state and national level so we can address those policies or standards that could negligently impact us and also to take a positive stance on those things that could help our community.”

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