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Bob Largent, Chamber president (from left); Chris Heinen, Walmart Store No. 2 Manager; April Ward, associate manager, Glenda Sanchez, customer service manager; Kelly Casteel, PeopleLead and Gwen Hoffmann, Chamber of Commerce chairman of the board made a presentation to Walmart in appreciation for the donation of a big screen smart TV for the Chamber’s conference room.

“Thank you to Chris and his team at Walmart. When I got here in March, we had an overhead projector and a pull-down screen,” Bob Largent, Chamber president said. “We had no way to do technology. Thanks to you guys for allowing us to use this. It gives us tremendous capability. We are getting new internet capability with all of our computers tied to this. This photo will go to all of our Chamber investors and in the newspaper.”

Walmart donated a Samsung 75" SmartTV for the Chamber boardroom

“Every time someone comes in here, they ask where we got it,” Chamber president Gwen Hoffmann said. 

Largent agreed. “We’ve already had that happen. We had this installed on Thursday, before the CEO of FedEx Freight sat right there and saw it.” 

Walmart store manager, Chris Heinen asked, “Did he ask where it came from.”

“Yes, we told him a generous donation from Walmart store No. 2,” Largent said.

Heinen said,  “We wanted to support the community and the Regional Chamber of Commerce is a big part of our community. It’s exciting to see all the great things going on and we want to be a big part of that.”

Largent said to the other Walmart staff members. “We want to thank you too. Thanks for allowing Chris to be on our board. He’s a very productive part of our board.”

Heinen had brought with him associate manager, April Ward, Glenda Sanchez who currently works as the customer service manager and new to Harrison, Kelly Casteel.

“I started at our Walmart as an unloader and have moved up in the company to customer service manager,” Sanchez said.

Casteel is the new PeopleLead person. “That’s the new title for the human resource person,” she said. Casteel and her husband moved to Harrison from the Bentonville area. “I had never been to the Harrison store before. We love it here.”

The Harrison Walmart has 365 full and part-time employees. “We appreciate what you mean to this community and grateful we could be Walmart Store No. 2. Thank you again for this generous donation and your support of the Chamber,” Largent said.

Largent explained that the screen and projector had been a generous donation from Community First Bank years ago. “We realized the Eagle Height’s youth group had a need for a screen and projector at the Eagle’s Nest. So we made a donation to them. The gift continues to serve the community. And we are grateful.”












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