It's the holiday season once again, and under the current state with the Coronavirus, there are many who are struggling with finances - not only for gifts, but also for basic needs. 

This holiday, Harrison's Classic Rock radio station is giving back to its listeners with a chance to win in their "Christmas Cash Giveaway.” KBHQ 100.7 FM, known as "Ozarks Q-ROCK,” started the six-week giveaway on November 16, and has already awarded two prizes. The last award will be presented on New Year's Eve. 

Listeners visit one of the participating sponsors to receive a Q-ROCK Bumper Sticker. There's no purchase necessary to get one. Each sticker is numbered, so you'll want to hang on to that backing paper! After placing the sticker on your vehicle, there are two ways to win. 

First, if your vehicle is spotted with a Q-ROCK Bumper Sticker, the type of vehicle seen will be announced on the air. If the owner of that vehicle calls the station with the correct license plate number, they're entered into the weekly drawing. 

The second way to win is by listening online at to KBHQ 100.7 FM. At different times of the day, listeners will have a chance to call in and register for the drawing with their bumper sticker number. Listen for the time to call in, be the right number caller, and you're entered into the weekly drawing! 

Anyone who registers and doesn't win in any one given week, is automatically entered into the next week's drawing! 

Then, every Friday night during the station's "Ride At Five" program, one winner will be selected, and they will receive a bank money order for $100.70! 

KBHQ-FM General Manager and air personality Mickey Klein says, "This is our way of giving back to the community who has been supporting us for so long. The sponsors in this giveaway have been sponsoring our station basically since we went on air in 2015, and with the current pandemic situation, this gives us the chance to help our neighbors.” 

The radio station is a noncommercial station that is owned by a local non-profit organization - North Arkansas Performing Artists Coalition (NAPAC). Based in Harrison, KBHQ-FM is Harrison's only locally owned and operated full-service music radio station and is not permitted to sell advertising. It survives on the donations and sponsorship of both businesses and individuals in the community. 

To get in on the Christmas Cash Giveaway, listen to KBHQ 100.7 FM for details on where to get your stickers, and when to call in. For more information, call (870) 741-0081.

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