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The heavy equipment class at North Arkansas College is doing the dirt work for the airport hangar project.

“We are on phase four of four — the final phase of the apron,” Adam White, project manager for Garver Engineering told the Boone County Regional Airport board on Tuesday.

“There is an application issue that we are in the process of resolving with the contractor,” he said. “The spray-on seal coat did not evenly spread. It’s kind of got a wavy, streakiness to it. But no worries. We’ll make sure it gets done right.”

White told the group that it needs to cure before the issue can be addressed and another coat applied. Airport manager Judy McCutcheon and White had already decided to withhold the final payment to the contractor so they don’t have an issue getting the project finished and have to write an additional check.

On the access road project, White said North Arkansas College continues the dirt work. The grant for the project was $205,000 and the lowest bid came in at $218,000.

“The price of asphalt has gone up quite a bit since the last time we did a project,” White said. “Judy and I talked about what we could cut back on. We knew we didn’t really want to cut back on the utilities, or the sliding gate. So, we decided the best way to cut back was to partially pave the access road. There will be 300 feet of paved asphalt and about 300 feet of gravel.”

White said the board will be very proud of the project when it’s completed. The question was asked about the price of the sliding gate and the 300 feet of asphalt. White said the gate is about $25,000 and the section of asphalt is about $30,000.

So, the board voted to execute a change order and accept the bid from Eaton.

White helped the board by designing a flier to advertise the new hangar development plan and advertise for prospective tenants. Board members discussed some wording changes and thanked White for his help.

Board member Lad Brooks asked for an executive session to discuss personnel. When the meeting was called back into session, the vote was taken to give McCutcheon a 5% raise before Jan. 1, 2020 and a $3,000 bonus to be paid by Jan. 1, 2020.

“Judy you do a great job, and we appreciate all you do,” board member Blaise Koch said. “You’ve really built this airport.”

“We adore you, Judy,” Layne Ragsdale said. The rest of the board and the audience chimed in that they agreed.

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