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Ronnie Long (left) said a soft opening is set for Saturday, June 22, at Clark Creek Farms Café on the northwest corner of the Harrison Square and Harrison Mayor Jerry Jackson is scheduled to give a short speech.

Clark Creek Farms Café will open Tuesday, June 25, on the northwest corner of the Harrison square. The new eatery will offer real American lunches and dinners with a Mediterranean twist in a friendly down-home setting.

“Clark Creek Farms produces the best beef, pork and goat products you can find,” says Ron Long, who will operate the cafe on the square’s north side. “Our menu won’t feature anything fancy, but everything on it will be delicious and healthful. Also, all dressings will be made in house with fresh ingredients.

“We’ll continue retail sales while providing the meat for our cafe. It will be tough keeping up with our dedicated customers, but we’re committed to serving the best."

Clark Creek Farms meats are already featured at the COFAM farmers’ market, just across the street from the cafe. They come from grass-fed animals raised on Ron’s farms near Compton and in Boone County.

Carrie Richter, COFAM’s manager, says Clark Creek Farms meats have been a welcome addition to the market’s offerings. She is also excited about local producers reaching more customers through the cafe. Other COFAM vendors will supply produce to the cafe.

“We will serve locally sourced vegetables in season, and all dressings will be made in house along with house cut fries” Long said. “People who eat here will experience the real taste of the Ozarks. Our food will be fresh. It will have traveled only a few miles to the table.”

Long stopped by Harrison City Hall to talk with Mayor Jerry Jackson about the new cafe. Jackson said he was excited about the new business moving onto the square. He’s glad to see youthful energy and enthusiasm invested in a revitalized downtown.

“This will be the place where people want to be,” said Long. “Whether you’re sealing a business deal over a scotch or martini, or celebrating a child’s birthday, we will treat you like a celebrity when you come through our door.

“This will be a great place to hear local musicians and gather with friends.

“We will spoil you a little, but we’ll keep it comfortable. We’ll treat you like family, except you won’t have to help with the dishes.”

Long said they will be holding a soft opening beginning at 5 p.m. Saturday, June 22. He said Jackson is scheduled to speak at 6:30 p.m., followed by live music from Joe Hewitt and the Ginsingers.

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