The Boone County Courthouse on the square, and the Old Federal Building, across the street, housing the collectors office, assessor’s office and other county government services, are in need of security and officials are supposedly willing to pitch in to pay the salary of a certified law enforcement officer to provide it during business hours.

A report was given Tuesday night to the Boone County Quorum Court.

JP Fred Woehl, chairman of the Road/Bridge and Building/Grounds Committee, said security was assessed at the building and was found to be wanting.

Troy Burleson, a security consultant, looked around the buildings. His recommendations included limiting access points to the buildings and to have a credentialed law enforcement officer, either a deputy or reserve deputy, assigned to the buildings.

Burleson advised the officer should work under the direction of the county judge. The officer would have arrest authority.

The officer would be on duty eight hours a day and would divide that time between the courthouse and the Old Federal Building, Burleson suggested.

The salary would come from each of the county officials’ budgets. It is believed that they have sufficient funds left to employ the officer this year. The Boone County Sheriff’s Office would hire the officer, but the assignment would be similar to that of a school resource officer.

JPs approved of the plan.

County Judge Robert Hathaway also reported that he would begin to require persons and organizations who want to use the courthouse lawn for special events to agree to pay $20 an hour to have a deputy on the grounds during the event. The security is needed to protect the many monuments and other public property on the grounds.

The judge also said that he will soon have additional lights on the grounds mainly to illuminate the flags so they can be flown at night per flag etiquette.

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