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James L. White/Staff

Newton County Sheriff Glenn Wheeler (right) and Investigator Mike Blocker discuss the investigation of the death of 76-year-old Joe Brown on Monday.

NEWTON COUNTY -- Newton County Sheriff Glenn Wheeler said Monday night that the investigation into the death of a 76-year-old man was still ongoing.

Wheeler said the body of Joe Brown, 76, was found Monday afternoon outside his residence on Newton County Road 3328 off of Sulfur Mountain Road and there were some unusual circumstances.

Wheeler said some of Brown’s family members hadn’t been able to make contact with him since the previous Thursday and went to check on him Monday.

Brown’s body was found several yards behind the residence near a vacant mobile home.

Wheeler said there were no apparent injuries on Brown’s body that would indicate a reason for his death, so his body was sent to the state Crime Lab for autopsy to determine the exact cause of death because the scene was unusual. It will also determine when Brown died.

The sheriff said Brown had no known enemies. He lived by himself and there was no note found indicating a suicide. Brown did have an extensive medical history.

Wheeler said his department was assisted by investigators from Arkansas State Police and Boone County Sheriff’s Office, as well as personnel from coroners’ offices in Boone and Newton counties.

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The kicker is the same newspaper posting about is death wrote the article when he waa accused of the molestation is covering his death like nothing ever happened


How can you make Joe Brown out to be an upstanding citizen when he was accused of molesting the 11 yr old he had adopted. He got away with probation then and even in his death he is getting away easy. Makes me sick.

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