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DuShun Scarbrough, executive director of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission, speaks to Rotarians on Thursday about the possibility of Dr. Bernice King speaking at a community event on Feb. 27, 2020.

DuShun Scarbrough, executive director for the Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission, said, “We have invited Dr. Bernice King to be our keynote speaker for the ‘Beloved Community Talks: Let’s Bridge the Racial Divide’” event scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 27, 2020, in Harrison.

Scarbrough spoke to the Harrison Rotary Club on Thursday, Oct.

Tiffany Pettus, Arkansas MLK Commission executive assistant, introduced Scarbrough and said, “We are a state agency and travel around the state. I’ve been here several times since 2012 and there’s either the power of hate or the power of love when we go into a community. But I have never felt anything but the power of love since my first visit here. Your community is full of good people. The love of God is evident and we’ve always felt really welcomed. Every place I’ve gone in Harrison I could feel the love of acceptance.”

Scarbrough told the Rotarians, “You guys are fun.” Then on a serious note he said, “Fifty-one years ago, on April 4, 1968, our dreamer was taken from us — but not the dream. I can tell this is a room full of leaders, in your home, school, work and community.”

He had Pettus type in Harrison, Arkansas in a Google search and Harrison was listed as “the most racist town in America.”

“We would like to partner with you to change the image that hovers over Harrison. The MLK Commission has sponsored activities here since 2011, and we would like to host a Phase 3 Symposium and have invited Dr. Bernice King to come and speak,” he said.

Scarbrough has a breakdown of the expenses of bringing Dr. King to Harrison and has already raised half of the funds needed.

“I’d like for you to help me, help you, to bridge the gap and our goal is to promote racial harmony,” he said.

Individuals or businesses who would like to help sponsor the proposed event can contact him by email at DuShun.Scarbrough@arkansas.gov or call (501) 683-1300.

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Good example of Arkansas state taxes, my hard earned money, being flushed down a rathole. And let's talk about beating a dead horse.

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